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Repairing plug scars from historic hair transplants

One of the most useful applications for scalp micropigmentation is the concealment of hair transplant scars. Even challenging scars like those resulting from gruesome scalp reduction procedures can be well hidden by a skilled technician.

Plug scars are the result of historic hair transplant procedures, performed before more advanced FUT and FUE surgery became the norm. Synonymous with the classic ‘dolls hair’ appearance often used to describe bad hair transplants, plug scars produce a ‘pitted’ effect on the skin and can cause the bearer a considerable amount of anxiety.

To be honest, plug scars are not the easiest of scars to camouflage. That said, remarkable results can be achieved by a skilled technician. The video above shows some of the amazing work being done by Minnesota-based Good Look Ink.

Before and after plug scar camouflage
Before and after a plug scar camouflage procedure at Good Look Ink.

A well respected provider of standard scalp micropigmentation procedures, Good Look Ink also do great scar work. Blending any kind of scars with the surrounding hair is challenging and requires an experienced technician, however plug scars are among the hardest to work on. This makes technician selection critical.

One thought on “Repairing plug scars from historic hair transplants

  1. Don Enright says:

    I have plug scars from hair transplants in the 90’s. Just recently I had 700 Fue procedure and have depleted my donor area. Should I wait at least a year for micro pigmentation? Can you suggest someone in Chicago area that has experience with such scars? What might be a ball park figure f I had work done on just that area? Thanks, Don

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