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Scalp micropigmentation service now available in Westchester County

Scalp micropigmentation Westchester

Many hundreds of men and women in Westchester County are known to have had scalp micropigmentation in recent years. With the world’s largest and most competitive market for the service not far away in Manhattan, the scalp micropigmentation services available are of a high standard and reasonably accessible.

Convenience, however, is becoming increasingly important. More often, prospective clients are looking for a clinic closer to home, not because they don’t want to travel for their initial procedure, but because they’re becoming increasingly aware of the ongoing need for assessments and top-ups every few years. Dealing with a clinic nearby makes the whole process from start to finish much easier. This is certainly true of clients in Westchester County who would prefer not to travel into NYC for scalp micropigmentation treatment sessions.

Dr Kleinman
Dr. Andrew Kleinman, one of the most respected and experienced hair restoration physicians in the state of New York.

Dr. Andrew Kleinman, one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons in North America, operates a medical office within an impressive complex on 800 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook.

Dr. Kleinman routinely performs hair transplant surgeries and other cosmetic procedures, and has teamed up with a world-renowned scalp micropigmentation expert to deliver outstanding procedures, either as a standalone process or in conjunction with surgical hair loss solutions.

Dr. Kleinman’s practice is backed by Hair Restoration Centers, one of the world’s largest and leading hair transplant providers. With a total of 10 offices including locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas and of course, in New York, Hair Restoration Centers boasts an enviable physician partner list including some of the most highly regarded physicians in the business.

High on the Hair Restoration Centers mission statement, is the provision of excellent value procedures by the best physicians, making the most favorable patient outcomes accessible to everyone.

Aaron Feldman
Hair Restoration Centers CEO Aaron Feldman, a veteran of the hair restoration industry and set to become a major contender in the scalp micropigmentation sector.

Hair Restoration Centers CEO Aaron Feldman is an industry veteran, previously a senior member of the Hair Club for Men executive management team where he developed and oversaw the surgical hair transplant division, building it into a multi-million dollar business.

Aaron was co-founder of the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, a national medical practice management company that manages select top doctors specializing in these fields. He was also the COO for Surgeon’s Adviser, where Aaron was instrumental in creating successful internet marketing and online patient acquisition strategies for cosmetic surgeons.

Aaron is also CEO of Top Pro Media Group, the parent company for Medical Practice Specialists, a niche yet hugely successful management and marketing consultancy serving the cosmetic medical industry.

What can patients expect?

For discerning clients who demand a professional medical environment for their procedure, Hair Restoration Centers in Westchester County is an ideal choice that combines the very highest standards of hygiene and safety, with first class outcomes and client care.

westchester SMP
World class results like these are now available in Westchester County, removing the need to travel into Manhattan. This makes the process more convenient, not only for Westchester clients, but also those in Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

Patients benefit from a unique combination approach. Your new hairline, side profiles and overall treatment plan will be crafted by one of the world’s best scalp micropigmentation technicians, under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Kleinman, a master of the art of natural hair restoration.

Finding the clinic

800 Westchester Avenue is a vast and hugely impressive commercial complex, close to the Hilton in Westchester. If you’re driving to the clinic, take the I-287 as far as Rye Brook and turn off at Westchester Avenue. For assistance, use these Mapquest directions. If using public transport, Rye is the nearest train station, with a direct route to and from Manhattan.

For further directions, see this page.

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