Scalp micropigmentation reaches Nigeria

Originating in Europe some 10+ years ago, scalp micropigmentation has spread like wildfire around the world. However, availability of this relatively new technique in developing nations has been slow to gain pace. This might be about to change following the phenomenal success of Africa’s first scalp micropigmentation clinic.

Located on Awolowo Road to the South East of the city of Lagos in Nigeria, Vinci Hair Clinic is changing the way that African men and women deal with hair loss by offering hair transplantation, scalp micropigmentation and combination procedures.

Despite making leaps forward in recent years to compete on the world stage, Nigeria was entirely devoid of hair loss clinics until Vinci Hair Clinic opened for business in Lagos in 2014. Still the only hair loss clinic in Nigeria, and the only scalp micropigmentation clinic in the whole of Africa, business at Vinci Hair Clinic is brisk to say the least.

Another successful scalp micropigmentation procedure completed in Lagos
Another successful scalp micropigmentation procedure completed in Lagos

The clinic itself is headed by Ayo Otubanjo, a Nigerian national and former Vinci Client who had scalp micropigmentation to fix his own receding hairline. Realising the potential the service would offer back home in Nigeria, Ayo teamed up with Vinci Hair Clinic in Lagos where both scalp micropigmentation and hair transplantation are performed.

A different playing field

One of the first things Ayo and his team learned is that the need for each service is very different in Nigeria.

Hair transplants in Lagos for example, are performed almost exclusively on women, bucking the trend seen almost anywhere else in the world, where men are responsible for more than 90% of demand.

Conversely, almost all scalp micropigmentation procedures carried out at the clinic are on male clients, whereas elsewhere in the world Vinci has built a thriving portfolio of long-haired scalp micropigmentation clients, who are generally women. The popularity of tight hairstyles in Nigeria means that traction alopecia is widespread, resulting in fewer women being suitable candidates for scalp micropigmentation.

Contrary to what many technicians may tell you, the level of realism achievable on African skin is quite incredible, but to achieve results like this you’ve really got to know what you’re doing.

Nigerian men on the other hand, are more open to scalp micropigmentation than they are hair transplants, possibly because scarring on dark skin is harder to conceal, or perhaps because scalp micropigmentation is generally more cost-effective.

Anyone with dark skin including African, Afro-Caribbean and African American clients, needs to be aware that both processes, hair transplantation and scalp micropigmentation, are different than for their caucasian counterparts. It is important to ensure your surgeon or technician has experience of working with men with the same or similar skin tones. This isn’t an issue in Africa, but it has certainly proven to be a problem in other countries like the United States, where many technicians are unaware of the different processes required when working on white or black skin.

A growing market

Despite falling oil prices and turmoil in the financial markets, sectors upon which Nigeria’s economy is heavily reliant, the average man or woman in Nigeria is more affluent than ever before. This has created a greater demand for luxury goods and services, including hair restoration procedures. Furthermore, the demand for Vinci’s services in Lagos is predicted to rise even further in the coming years.

A Vinci Hair Clinic technician introduces scalp micropigmentation at the Beauty Africa exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ultimately hair loss does not discriminate. It affects people of all nationalities, from all ethnic and financial backgrounds. The anxiety that inevitably accompanies the onset of baldness surely exists in Africa, as it does virtually everywhere else in the world, so a greater availability of high quality remedial services can only be a good thing.

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