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Scalp Micropigmentation and Matte Products

Scalp shine showing after SMP

There is a lot of discussion on Internet forums regarding matte products, such as moisturizers and cleansers when it comes to scalp micropigmentation customers. However, we should clarify a few things beforehand.

What is a matte product?

When we refer to matte products, we talk about products that have been crafted in order to prevent creation of sebum. This substance is something that our skin is naturally produces and it is the cause for shiny skin. Shiny head is not something that only bald men experience, it can also happen to individuals who still have hair on their heads. Moreover, a shiny head can be experienced by men that have or have not received an SMP treatment.

Before we advance with this topic, you should understand that a shiny head is not something that is a solely bad thing. In fact, people are actually looking to get a shinier scalp skin sometimes and this is why products such as HeadLube Glossy exist on the market, but going deeper into this discussion is not the aim of this post.

For most people who get SMP, the goal is not to accentuate, but to reduce the actual emphasis on their heads. This is why a lot of people choose to combat the issue of shine with the aid of a matte product. If the product they choose is effective, the result is the one expected: a scalp that is not shiny and that does not reflect light.

What are some matte products that you would recommend?

SMP clinics are not competent to recommend a certain product, because each product is designed for a certain type of men and we would not advertise something that is not universal. However, we have taken note of the most popular products that clients of our clinic use and you can find them below.

Loreal MenExpert Pure & Matte

The Pure & Matte range of products provides more skincare elements that you might find useful, but the moisturizer is the one that we are interested in, this being the most popular, apparently. There is a general consensus that this is a top notch product. You will not experience greasiness when you apply this product and you won’t feel it at all. It is able to work well as a moisturizer and even if some shine appears by the end of the day, this doesn’t seem to pose a big issue.

HeadBlade HeadLube Matte

HeadLube Matte is a product created by HeadBlade and it has quite a fanbase out there, a lot of customers being happy with the results provided by this skincare solution. However, you might find this product more accessible as an American client, but the website of the company recently introduced international shipping, as well. If you are interesting in this product, you might also want to check out the shaving razors designed specially for the scalp.

Amie Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer

There are a lot of customers who mentioned this product and this makes us think that a lot of men decided to raid their SOs make-up cabinets in order to discover this. This is not something that is was specially designed for men, but it seems that SMP-receivers are pretty keen on this product. This is a matte moisturizer that features 90.8% natural ingredients and it’s popular among those who want something with as little synthetic chemicals as possible in it.

Milk of Magnesia

Although this is a recent discovery in the field of good matte products, a lot of customers swear by it and consider it a great product. This is a remedy that one would usually use for constipation and it is not a product that has skincare features, at least officially. However, reviews on the internet and its overall reputation tend to say otherwise.

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