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Quality technicians like Eliott (above) are hard to find. Make sure the reviews you’re reading are genuine.

The publishing of bad scalp micropigmentation reviews, at least of the fake variety, blights our industry.

The practice is by no means exclusive to our sector, however the combination of an unregulated enrironment and a large number of unscrupulous operators has perpetuated the problem in a big way.

The problem is two-fold, with the following practices taking place on a regular basis:

  • Clinics posting fake bad reviews about competitors.
  • Clinics posting fake good reviews about their own service.

Both activities add zero value to the consumer, and serve only to confuse prospective clients and paint a negative image of the industry as a whole.

Good Look Ink, a leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in Minneapolis, is also critical of the trend as per their blog post published here (thanks for the mention BTW!).

Whoever wrote the article at Good Look Ink couldn’t have said it better:

Tons of websites claim to be independent when they’re anything but, and in my world—Scalp Micro Pigmentation—this is a serious and growing problem. People researching this increasingly popular procedure often land on sites that bill themselves as objective, third-party information sources. But are they?

It’s really frustrating to see hundreds upon hundreds of fake reviews, good and bad, peddling incorrect and misleading information to an unsuspecting public. Certain clinics built their entire online reputation on lies. When you work behind the scenes like me, you get to know a lot of things, although for obvious reasons I cannot disclose anything here.

Anyway, check out the article referenced above and be careful out there. ScalpGuru.com is the ONLY independent scalp micropigmentation website. We are not tied to or owned by any provider, hence why we’ve grown to become the world’s largest. If you need advice, please contact us.

bad scalp micropigmentation reviews

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