Scalp Micropigmentation Removal: Your Options

Considering removal of your scalp micropigmentation treatment? People remove their SMP for many reasons. Perhaps your procedure didn’t go as well as you hoped, and you’re looking to reverse or fix the entire treatment or a particular area? Or maybe you simply changed your mind? Here, we explain the options available to you.

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why remove your SMP treatment?

Permanence is one of the key features of scalp micropigmentation. This is important because it helps the recipient to do away with hair loss related anxiety. All he needs to do is to keep his scalp shaved, clean and moisturized, and take reasonable precautions in the sun. The bottom line is that SMP is intended as a permanent solution, not one that should be removed on a mere whim.

No-one should consider a scalp micropigmentation treatment if removal is already at the front of their mind. Having this procedure is (and should be) a life-changing experience, and approaching the process with a negative mindset from the start will only ever end up one way. It is the clients who are neurotic and paranoid before their procedure who more often than not end up getting it removed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an awareness of the removal process beforehand. We live in the real world. People change their minds, People panic. Clinics aren’t always as good as they say they are, and the human element in the equation means that every now and then, a technician will make a mistake or a client will have unrealistic expectations.

For those wanting to remove their treatments, you basically have three options – UNDO, laser removal or saline removal.

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what is undo™ removal?

undo removal scalp micropigmentation

This is a brand new technique pioneered by renowned scalp micropigmentation educators Seif Sidky and Candice Piroli of Estetique International. Using no lasers or saline, UNDO is fast becoming the removal system of choice for scalp micropigmentation artists.

UNDO offers some serious advantages over other options, as follows:

  • No risk of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation
  • Safe for all clients with dark skin tones as well as caucasians
  • Less invasive than saline removal
  • Less painful than laser removal
  • Easy for clinics to offer, so will become widely available

Want to add UNDO to your service list? Online training is available here and comes with lifetime support and easy access to consumables. Alternatively call UNDO Removal on +1 561-260-1503 or email

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how does laser removal work?

A scalp micropigmentation treatment, correctly applied to the right depth and using a suitable pigment, can be almost completely removed in just one laser session. A second session is usually required to complete the process entirely, especially if the area is large. It’s quick and easy, albeit a little uncomfortable.

However, pigments deposited deeper in the skin, and the wrong type of pigments, are far harder to remove. They generally require the same process as a tattoo removal which takes more sessions, is more uncomfortable and is less likely to be 100% effective.

Laser removal should not be taken lightly. People get burned and scarred by these machines through improper handling. Thankfully most laser clinics are competent and offer a highly professional service, but still, laser removal should only be resorted to if you’re absolutely sure it’s what you want to do.

Also please note that darker skinned clients are at greater risk of either hypopigmentation (skin lightening) or hyperpigmentation (skin darkening).

removal of scalp micropigmentation by laser

can saline removal be used for SMP?

saline removal scalp micropigmentation

A common technique in the permanent makeup world, saline removal basically flushes out the pigment using a tattoo machine and salt water.

There is a range of proprietary techniques, each with their own formulas and benefits. Popular brands include Li-FT, A+Ocean and Botched Ink.

To date, we are yet to see conclusive evidence that saline removal is a suitable solution for scalp micropigmentation removal.

Whilst the technique has a lot of use cases in permanent makeup, and much of the time it’s a perfectly viable technique for removal of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, the size of the removal area in most cases simply means saline removal is not a viable option.