Mikro Hair - scalp micropigmentation clinic in Poland

Klinika Mikro Hair
Warsaw, Poland

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Mikro Hair Clinic devoted many years to development of their technique as an efficient, innovative and non-surgical means constituting a remedy for hair loss. They are not, as many places where scalp micropigmentation procedure is performed, an ordinary hairdressing salon or beauty parlor, but a training company specializing in the micropigmentation field.

In addition to regular scalp micropigmentation work, they also offer beard and eyebrow simulation, ideal for clients suffering with alopecia. The company also fixes a lot of bad work by other clinics. Unfortunately treatment standards in Eastern Europe are not very good, therefore Mikro Hair Clinic is performing more remedial work than ever before.

T: +48 22 757 20 24
E: [email protected] | W: www.mikrohair.pl