These NYC celebrities all got something in common, courtesy of their mutual friend.

Mr Commodore, FunkFlex, Erick Sermon, Fat Boy SSE, José Reyes, Ala Jaza…they’ve all got something in common.

Take a group of high profile American celebs, with lifestyles and histories hopping all over the place. They all have careers that are unquestionably enviable which have been born through dedication and tenacity. And they’re united by the fact that they are constantly featuring in the eye-line of the occasionally cruel, yet often adoring public.

There’s Commodore the Big Apple’s seriously funny guy, FunkFlex – hip and hot97 DJ dignitary, MLB VIP boy Reyes, Fat Boy SSE who walks the boards and Netflix. Oh, and let’s not forget about Sermon who Eminem loves to rap about along with Ala Jaza and his sensual overload Merengues.

It’s fairly logical they may well move in similar circles, possibly all drink the same brand of gently glittering and expensive champagne. That, of course, isn’t phenomenal. Moreover a rather pleasant hazard of the job, one could say. It’s not that we are talking of – because it’s far too obvious. There’s a whole other common denominator which teeters more than a little on the edge of making them part of the same chic clique. Something that is oh so avantgarde and awesome which oozes with glamor and beauty.

Funk Flex, a recent client of Gerow Hair Ink

Now, let’s be honest, given you are reading this on a scalp micropigmentation website, it shouldn’t be too complex to work out that the common denominator is SMP. However, there’s another thing that places the camarilla someplace else. And that is they’ve all had treatments done by one in the same needle and ink messiah. And it’s a guy that hails from the slightly secretive and vaguely unchartered underground world of hairline restoration sovereignty.

Ala Jaza

So who exactly is this redeemer of scalps, using aesthetics to save the celeb world from the jaws of ruthless critics? And for the love of a great buzz-cut, where in the world does he perform these not-so-micro miracles?

So if you don’t mind rolling out a mental red carpet for this next bit, here we are. Delighted, as sometimes our jobs place us with beautiful platters, of having the pleasure to proudly present to the humbler folk (that’s us guys), Mr Jonathan Gerow Esq.

Now one thing we really need to mention. If you ever have the absolute joy in your life of meeting Jonathan Gerow, you’ll very quickly realize he really is just a tiny bit too cool for skool. So you can see why the likes of FunkFlex and Fat Boy SSE, etc, are drawn to him.

Yet we also need to add something which runs a little deeper than a spot of shoulder-rubbing.

Erick Sermon

Jonathan Gerow is really, REALLY good at what he does. It’s Jonathan’s work, after years of sweat and toil, that has earned him a subterranean celebrity status which he’s more than eligible to claim for his very own. And it’s one that’s growing as each day rolls by.

But let’s stroll back down the ‘other’ celebrity world for a moment. If we philosophize for just a minor minute. Being comfortable on the world stage is something these guys know all about. Between them, there are boards, there are social media accounts that are capable of knocking Trump right off the Twittersphere. A hot for the Hot97 radio wave, baseball bats and a Merengue or two.

But there’s also a knowledge that the minute you mess up, it’s going to be brutal. And we are not talking about behavior. We are talking of appearances. If it goes wrong, it can knock a career sideways in a heartbeat in this world. Game Over can be at the snap of one’s fingers – and that sucks.

Fatboy SSE

So this makes Jonathan Gerow a special kind of character with his neck on a more than slightly scary line. But he’s done it. He’s buckled up, put his foot on the accelerator and given it full throttle. Gerow’s work is out there, on the worlds greatest stage for all to admire and critique should they wish to.

And he doesn’t look as if he’s ready to pack up the pigment bottle and shove to the back of the broom cupboard just yet.

So now you know some of the bare bones about Jonathan Gerow. You probably now realize he’s hair restoration VIP and isn’t afraid of execution for balls-ups because really, he just doesn’t mess up.

So before we bid you all a glamorous and celebrity sparkling ciao dahhhlink, you may wish to know where all this magic actually happens.

Jose Reyes

Jonathan and his team of other artists are located in the city of New York. Yes, all that hairline notoriety takes place just minutes from Times Square and Central Park. With some sharply designed offices, Gerow Hair Ink is a modern space that’s crammed full of impeccable style and grace.

The clinic itself oozes with conviviality owing to its communal ambiance and it’s become the place where client and team unites. So if you’re looking to book yourself a smart piece of natural hairline awesomeness, then just make your way over to W 37th Street, and you’re there.

So now you see it. Jonathan Gerow is the luminary who keeps it trill, the mahatma of the scalp micropigmentation world and his work is the one who the mighty and the humble all adore and worship.

So if you’re one of those with your name up in lights, then Gerow is the guy who is going to do your SMP.