beauty care nederland

Beauty Care Nederland
Katwijk Aan Zee, Netherlands

Beauty Care Nederland is considered one of the world’s very best scalp micropigmentation clinics. Located in Katwijk aan Zee, about half way between the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the company has spent many years building its reputation, and now receives most of it’s clients through referral and recommendation.

Providing treatments for the full range of alopecias including pattern baldness and scar camouflaging, Beauty Care uses only the safest of organic pigments. Their advanced techniques and dedication to the industry provide a guarantee of natural-looking hair lines and full customer satisfaction.

Located in Katwijk aan Zee, Beauty Care benefit from strong transport links and Schipol Airport is only a short distance away. Initial consultations, pre-treatment, are recommended and you can reach out to them via their website.

T: +31 71 888 5652
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