Keep it short

Okay, let’s get this out the way nice and early: Keep it short! You’re not fooling anyone by growing it out. In fact, by trying to hide it, you’re making it more obvious. Personally, I buzz cut mine and I actually think it makes me look like a cool bastard

Facial hair is key

Whether a beard or a two-day shadow, facial hair work wonders for us bald guys. Why? Because it breaks up the face. It provides definition and structure. Thus, appearing to reduce the amount of overall bare skin from the neck up. Just google Jason Statham and you’ll know what I mean. Trust me, his stubble is NO accident. I favour the classic designer stubble myself.. but keep it sharp and well-groomed. The line between sophisticated and homeless is a thin one.

Okay – it’s time to talk clothing

First off – accessories. For the same reason that facial hair does, spectacles can work wonders for bald men. Why not combine the two? Congratulations: you now look incredible. Loosely slung scarves around your neck can also provide a nice addition. Emphasis on the ‘loosely slung’, any bald guy wearing a tightly wrapped scarf around his neck is in danger of looking like a giant roll-on deodorant. (You will only get the brutal truth from me! It’s my job to make you look your best, after all).

Colours are your ally

When you talk to people, they will naturally look at your eyes. So wear clothes that match your eyes. Dark brown eyes? Dark brown tee shirt. Piercing blue eyes? Blue tee-shirt or blue neck tie for work. Here’s a cracking one: Hazel eyes? Tweed jacket. Boom! You’re looking better by the second. When it comes to skin tone however, opposites attract. Let me further explain: The hair that used to live on your head provided your overall look with some natural contrast. Since it don’t live there no more, you have to provide that contrast yourself. Example: if you have a paler complexion, opt for warmer colours over light or pale colours. Google royal blue, now find a suit, a tie or a casual jacket that matches one of those shades of colour.

A sharp collar presents the head

See, your head is like a painting, and a sharp collar is like the frame. And why do they put paintings in frames? Because those clever people that work at art galleries know that the right frame better presents the painting. More contrast; more attention to the main event. A sharp collar works in the same way. Side note: Anything too low cut around the neck and all that bare skin may very well just blur and blend into one. Just an FYI.

A casual relationship with style

A casual blazer or a jacket over a long-sleeved tee-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. A rough and ready, slim fit, casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of dark jeans, maybe some casual trainers or a pair of brown boots with a matching belt. Use the laws of style to dress well in casual.

And finally, the perfect item to go with every bald man’s style:

CONFIDENCE! Not a naturally confident person? Here’s some homework for you: take two hours out of your next available Saturday to walk around the busy shopping centre of your nearest town or city. The rules are simple: When it comes to style, take into account the above 7 points. Walk slowly. Make sure you stand up straight. Hold your head up high, and smile. Your mission is to strike up three different conversations with three different complete strangers in the street. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how those conversation unravel, nor how successful you feel they went. I guarantee that when you arrive home, you will feel slightly more positive. Now carry out this exercise every day for two weeks


This advice is provided by Skalp Clinic, one of the world’s leading scalp micropigmentation companies. With multiple offices in the UK and USA, Skalp has treated thousands of clients so they know a thing or two about how to look good with a bald head.

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