Olympic Boxer Jeremy Williams beats hair loss with scalp micropigmentation

Jeremy Williams, a former heavyweight boxer and Olympic medallist, started to lose his hair at age 18. Now 43 years old, he decided it was time to do something to fix it, so he contacted Good Look Ink for help.

In the video below, Jeremy explains how a lifetime in front of a camera made him conscious of his hair loss, and how since getting the treatment done, he looks “like the kid who started boxing 20 years ago”.

It is not uncommon for men to deal with hair loss for such a long time before seeking assistance. The majority of balding guys wouldn’t consider a hair transplant or other solution, so they stop looking for answers very early on. Often they discover scalp micropigmentation by accident, and realize the treatment would fit very easily into their existing routine.

Jeremy is one of a growing number of celebrities who have chosen scalp micropigmentation to fix their hairlines.

For more information about Jeremy Williams, visit his official fan site at www.jeremywilliamz.com.