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skalp clinic scalp micropigmentation milan

Skalp Clinic
Milan, Italy

Skalp Clinics are a leader in Scalp Micropigmentation and are recognized throughout the world for their top-drawer treatments with guaranteed success rates. With a global reach spanning the UK, US & Europe they also venture out as far as Western Asia. Their Italian SMP clinic is located in the fashion-rich city of Milan and you’ll be able to find them at the zone Maciachini.

Treating men and women alike for the full range of alopecia’s, Skalp is also at home in the classroom. Providing comprehensive training in SMP alongside an impressive franchise option, beginning a career in this up and coming professions couldn’t be easier.

You can reach out to Skalp via their website, where you can chat about your hair loss journey or book a training course to begin your new career. All consultations are free of charge and without obligation and finance packages are available on request.

T: 347 140 5342
WhatsApp: 347 140 5342
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istant beauty scalp micropigmentation palermo

Istant beauty srl Hair clinic
Palermo, Sicilia

La nostra società, offre tre diversi servizi ,uno dedicato alla dermopigmentazione con una decennale esperienza nell’ambito della tricopigmentazione ,uno dedicato al trapianto capelli FUE , ed un altro relativo a tutte le tecniche di medicina estetica; siamo inoltre indirizzati alla formazione in ambito della dermopigmentazione.

T: +39 3485160860 | E:

italy scalp micropigmentation reviews

Italian scalp micropigmentation client testimonial

skalp italy

Clients looking for an Italian clinic specialising in permanent SMP may find their options are fairly limited. Many clinics in Italy favour tricopigmentation, or temporary SMP, and the standard of work from these providers is generally very high. However, those looking for a more permanent solution need to exercise caution.

Quality providers can be hard to find, with only a small number of clinics producing results that are comparable to the kind of work we see in countries where the permanent side of the industry is better established.

All that might be about to change however, with the opening of Skalp Clinic in Naples, their first clinic location in Italy.

Antonio Cannizzaro’s story is a familiar one. After slowly losing his hair over the last few years, Antonio wanted to do something to restore a more youthful appearance. After searching online he found Skalp Clinic in Naples. In the video above, he recalls his experience with the company.

Contact Skalp Italia

Via Carlo Farini 69
20159 Milano
All’interno della farmacia

T: +44 (0)845 094 1516

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