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Introducing Ireland's newest scalp micropigmentation clinic

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most innovative and effective solutions available today for hair loss with no surgery, cover-ups or drugs. Many people today are concerned about projecting the right image, whether its about having an attractive body weight or just looking radiant and healthy.

For men losing their hair this has always been a little more difficult, as a person’s hair has a strong influence on the creation of their projected first impression, confidence and overall image. When the hair starts to fall out, the image deteriorates and people end up with an older looking appearance. Many men grow their remaining own hair and comb it a certain way to try and hide the balding areas or they shave the sides and back of head to reduce the contrast between the remaining hair and the bald areas. Hair loss is something that the majority of men and some women can suffer from at some time in their lives and this situation understandably can lead to a lot of stress and depression. Many men and women as well can suffer from a thinning hair disorder called alopecia.

With new techniques and innovation there is no longer any need to look bald, or have thinning hair or alopecia patches. Looking and feeling great is made easier using scalp micropigmentation.

The Irish connection

This treatment is now available at the Natural Health Centre in Buncrana in Co Donegal, Ireland.

Kim McMenamin originally hails from the alternative health industry. As a qualified acupuncturist and health researcher, he has written hundreds of articles based on a varied range of disorders and diseases for newspapers in Ireland.

It was research into hair loss in particular that lead me to discover solutions for male pattern baldness. Although acupuncture works well on disorders like alopecia, it cannot treat natural, gene-related loss of hair. I soon discovered that one of the best solutions out there that did not involve surgery was scalp micropigmentation.

From his clinic in Ireland, Kim’s company actually offers tricopigmentation, a form of scalp micropigmentation that offers a more flexible effective duration. I asked Kim for the reason behind the decision to offer tricopigmentation in favour of traditional scalp micropigmentation.

I realised that there were already a few companies out there offering this type of treatment. My initial concerns about scalp micropigmentation currently on offer was the fact that pigmentation can fade to blue, and dots can migrate (become bigger or join together). It was not long before I discovered a company that used specialist pigments and techniques that guaranteed against this anomaly. After many months of research I finally found a company that has developed techniques that are quite simply unique. The scalp micropigmentation I offer is designed to fade over 2 years this avoids ageing and blueing effect but with regular top up treatments it can last forever.

What is tricopigmentation?

Tricopigmentation is sometimes referred to as scalp micropigmentation, although in reality they are two different procedures. Both involve the implantation of thousands of tiny micro-dots by way of a specialist type of tattoo needle, but unlike tattoos, these dots do not go as deep therefore avoiding the blueing effect of aged tattoo’s. These dots are created using specifically formulated pigments and are skilfully implanted into the scalp in a very detailed patterned sequence. The dots mimic a shaved stubble effect on the scalp and completely cover the balding area.

The penetration depth during tricopigmentation is even more shallow than scalp micropigmentation, and the pigments are slightly different. The result is two very different remedies for hair loss.

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Even though most balding men today try to cover up their hair loss by shaving the hair at the sides and back of the head to minimise the contrast between the remaining hair and the bald area, you can still see that they are bald, especially when the remaining hair grows back. With micropigmentation it looks like a full head of hair all the time.

Kim trained in the UK with tricopigmentation specialist Pigmentalia, under world renowned expert Debbie Clifford. Debbie herself trained in Milan Italy with Milena Lardi and the Beauty Medical company. Beauty Medical developed the tricopigmentation technique and the specialist machines and pigments for this form of scalp micropigmentation. Kim trained with the intention of bringing the solution home to Ireland, as the service was not available there previously.

The tricopigmentation advantage

I can vouch for the effectiveness of tricopigmentation as an alternative to scalp micropigmentation. Rather than a one-time application followed by top-ups every 5-6 years, tricopigmentation is an ongoing treatment that requires top-ups every 6-18 months. Many people refer to tricopigmentation as ‘temporary’ scalp micropigmentation, which it becomes if you neglect to have the recommended touch ups that are a necessary part of this treatment, and the more flexible effective duration is regarded a massive advantage by many, as it removes the requirement to make an absolute commitment to the procedure for the rest of their life.

Quite simply this means that the client can enjoy the benefits of scalp micropigmentation, together with the security of knowing that should they change their mind about the style they chose, or even regret their decision entirely, it’s a shorter term situation that will remedy itself without the requirement for a removal. If a person wanted to revert back to the way they were before, the pigmentation on the scalp will be completely gone after 18-36 months anyway.

The jury is still out on which is ‘the best’, although I would suspect the answer in reality differs from person to person, depending on their own personal requirements.

What is the cost?

The initial procedure, usually split over 3 sessions, costs around £1000. Top up treatments cost even less at around £250 every six months.

Contacting the company

Kim McMenamin is based in Buncrana in County Donegal and can be reached using the following information:

The Natural Health Centre
Co. Donegal

T: 00353 (0) 863981882

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