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The importance of great client service

I talk a lot about service on Team Micro. For the most part, clinics tend to offer their clients a great experience, but frustratingly, this isn’t always the case.

The part I struggle to understand is this – we all know how important it is to treat clients with respect, yet so many fail to do so. Why is this? When a client is laying out a four-figure sum on a very personal issue like hair loss, don’t they deserve to be treated well?

It’s the small things that matter. For a comprehensive range of ideas see this article:

  • How to start a scalp micropigmentation business

The crux of the matter is this – treat your clients well, and they will reciprocate with repeat business and recommendations. Treat them badly, and there will be a line of clinics queuing up to serve your client better than you.

Prince, a client of Good Look Ink, talks about the importance of great service in the video above.

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