How far apart should your scalp micropigmentation sessions be scheduled?

As you may already know, a scalp micropigmentation treatment is best delivered over a number of sessions. But how much time should you leave between each session? Here, we tackle this important question.

A typical client losing his hair to androgenetic alopecia (standard pattern hair loss) will require 2-4 treatment sessions, with 3 sessions being the norm. Some clients with extensive scarring or a condition such as alopecia areata, may require additional sessions. The number of sessions you are likely to need is covered more comprehensively in this post.

How long between your first and second session?

When scheduling your sessions with your chosen provider, it is important to understand that your new ‘hair’ will not look its best after just one session. After two sessions, you’ll be able to step out much more confidently as the illusion will either be complete, or be relatively close.

With this in mind, you should have your second session as soon as possible after your first session. Your scalp needs a minimum of 5 days to heal after your first session, so if you had your first session on a Wednesday for example, the earliest you should have your second session is the following Monday. To be honest, a 7 day gap is better as your scalp would have almost certainly healed entirely by then.

And between your second and third session?

Remember that not everyone needs a third session. A longer gap is usually left between session 2 and 3 to allow time for your scalp to fully heal, and for the dots to complete their mid-treatment fading. Only then will you know if a third session is required. The time delay is usually about a month after your second session.

Sometimes however a third session is planned in advance, for example when it is absolutely clear that a third session will be required. In this scenario, it is perfectly acceptable to schedule your third session one week after your second session.

In summary, assuming the circumstances are considered normal, leave 1 week between your first and second sessions, and 4 weeks between your second and third sessions.