Using hair loss concealers to hide hair transplant scars

Concealer products are sold under many brand names such as Toppik, DermMatch, Caboki, Nanogen and Cuvva. Whilst they all claim to offer the best results, whether they are shaken into the hair or brushed on with an applicator, they ultimately all do the same job and are basically made of keratin fibers or a powder similar to makeup.

Concealers can be very effective and provide relief to many millions of people, not just for scar cover-ups but also to disguise hair loss in general.

Unfortunately they are not without their drawbacks. Temporary concealers are expensive to use long term, and are not entirely fixed to the hair. This means that exposure to wind, rain or swimming pools, or being brushed by clothes, hands or pillows is a huge problem. Concealer users often experience constant anxiety while using them. They can also look fake, particularly if the hair is thin and a lot of product has been used.

It is important to note than concealers only work if there is enough remaining hair to cling to. If you are completely bald, concealers are not a viable option.

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