The hair tattoo for hair loss and baldness

Losing your hair? Curious about hair tattoo options and how they work? You’ve come to the right place. Every year, men and women around the world choose hair tattooing to cover up thinning hair patches, a receding hairline or even scars and alopecia.

hair tattoo close-up

Wait... a hair tattoo?

Absolutely! A hair tattoo, more commonly called a hair loss tattoo, a hairline tattoo, or to use its correct name, scalp micropigmentation, is the fastest growing hair loss solution in the world. In development since the 1990’s, hair tattooing became a widespread thing from 2009 onwards and has since expanded worldwide. Fast forward to today, and nearly 1 million men and women have had some kind of hair tattooing procedure.

If this comes as a surprise, its probably because the best hair tattoo procedures are virtually undetectable to the uninitiated. Unless you really know what to look for, the chances are good that you pass people by every day who have had a hair tattoo. You just don’t notice because their ‘hair’ just looks like real hair.

Hair tattoos are most commonly used to disguise baldness in men, creating the illusion of a shaven head of hair. However, in recent years the techniques have adapted and advanced significantly and have many more uses now.

What can a hair tattoo do?

Far from just a generic baldness cover-up, the basic hair tattooing technique is now adapted to meet the needs of a much broader clientele.

For those who do not wish to shave, a hair tattoo can now add the appearance of density to reduce the visibility of the scalp through thin hair. These density procedures are extremely popular and have enabled thousands of women to benefit from this remarkable procedure alongside their male counterparts.

Additionally, hair tattooing is also used to hide the visible symptoms of different types of alopecia, and to camouflage and hide hair transplant scars, trauma scars, surgical scars, skin conditions and burns.

More recently, so-called ‘FMP’ is an adaptation of hair tattooing, used on the male face to fill in patchy beards or weak beard lines.

drawing the hairline before a hair tattoo procedure
before and after a hair tattoo procedure

How does the process work?

A hair tattoo procedure is performed over multiple sessions, each lasting 2-4 hours. These sessions are typically spaced about 10-14 days apart, and most clients need 2-4 sessions to complete their treatment.

This multi-session process is essential to ensure the scalp heals correctly and that pigment deposits appear as intended after healing. Everyone’s skin is unique, and the experienced artist knows they need to assess progress at each stage to produce the optimal result for their client. This is not a process that can be rushed.

Once the initial treatment is complete, top-ups are generally required every 3-6 years. These top-ups are usually quicker and cheaper than the initial procedure, but are needed to keep the illusion looking its very best.

The important thing here is to find a hair tattoo artist who understands what outcome you wantto achieve, and is happy to spend as much time as necessary to answer all your questions and ensure you’re making the right decision.

How can we help?

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