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A large number of scalp micropigmentation recipients have a long history of using temporary cover-up concealers to hide their hair loss, prior to their SMP procedures.

Hair loss concealers are a quick and easy cover-up that offer results with no side effects. They’re by no means ideal, but they can be useful to hide the earlier stages of hair loss.

The most popular brands include Toppik, DermMatch, COUVre, Caboki and Nanofibers, although hundreds of suspiciously similar products are available. With a couple of exceptions, they basically consist of keratin fibers that are statically charged in a ‘shaker’ dispenser, so when applied to the hair they cling to the hair shafts, making remaining hair appear thicker.

Concealers come with a range of downsides including vulnerability to sweat and bad weather, and their tendancy to disperse when touched. Users are often left anxious about being discovered, and the ongoing maintenance can be a real drag. Furthermore, the more hair is lost, the more concealer is needed and the more ‘fake’ the users appearance becomes.

Jason, a Good Look Ink client, tells his story where he leaves concealers behind in favor of scalp micropigmentation.

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