So GQ finally admits scalp micropigmentation “doesn’t look half bad”

You may have seen on social media recently, a number of references to an article on In the article, the mens lifestyle and fashion gurus discuss scalp micropigmentation and give a half-hearted thumbs up to the procedure.

The article makes reference to Scalp Micro USA, one of the world’s best clinics, so their sources are at least in order. The article actually marks quite a significant step for GQ. For many years magazines and news brands in the mens lifestyle genre have argued that scalp micropigmentation “isn’t aspirational”, and have either ridiculed the procedure, or refused to cover it at all. It is good to see this position is finally changing.

Tattooing thousands of hair follicles onto your bald head. It might sound like a tragic grooming move but actually, it doesn’t look half bad.

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in the tone of the coverage compiled by the GQ Editorial team. They had a golden opportunity to publicize a great solution for hair loss that many thousands of their readers could benefit from, yet I feel they could have done more to educate and inform readers by providing a lot more detail than they actually did. As we all know, SMP can be virtually undetectable when executed by a skilled practitioner.

I also feel they could have got their point across without the slightly condescending undertone, for example:

We’re still partial to the straight-up, bald-and-proud approach but we’ll leave this one up to you. Men are doing far weirder things to enhance their looks these days. This is the least of our worries.

Well, whatever. At least they acknowledge that scalp micropigmentation exists, which is leaps and bounds ahead of their position just a few years ago. If just a few balding guys are made aware of this procedure via the article, that can be no bad thing.

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