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Glasgow hair replication services now available

Glasgow scalp micropigmentation options

Just four years ago, there were no credible scalp micropigmentation clinics in Glasgow. As a major centre of culture and commerce, and given that the technique was originally developed in the United Kingdom, this may seem strange to some. However the two companies that were for many years the main players in the UK, decided to focus their growth south of the border.

Scotland’s biggest city is also the third in terms of population in the United Kingdom. Glasgow began as a small town but rapidly grew into one of the major seaports of the UK. Currently counted among the top centres for European finance, business here is fast-paced and the need of services for its citizens are in demand.

It would be fair to say that a number of reputable hair transplant clinics operate in the city, as do a large number of permanent makeup artists, two areas of business that are in their own way closely aligned with scalp micropigmentation, however no specific clinic was established. This led to Scottish clients having little option but to travel as far as Manchester for treatment.

This, however, has now changed, and Glasgow now offers some good options to those considering scalp micropigmentation to combat their hair loss.

The options available are as follows:

Vinci Hair Clinic

Located right in the centre of Glasgow on the corner of Ingram Street and Miller Street, Vinci Hair Clinic is a reputable company that has offered surgical and non-surgical hair loss remedies for a number of years. As well as a good scalp micropigmentation service they also offer hair transplant surgery, laser therapy and mesotherapy, as well as hair loss drugs such as Propecia.

Ingram House
227 Ingram St
G1 1DA

HIS Hair Clinic

This company is equally central in it’s location, situated on Argyle Street close to the corner with Mitchell Street. The clinic can easily be reached by walking from either the St. Enoch SPT subway station or the Glasgow Central train station. HIS Hair Clinic was the original innovator of scalp micropigmentation and offers more experience than any other company, although their Glasgow location is quite new in comparison to their English clinics.

496 Argyle Street
G2 8NH

Scalp Therapy Scotland

Headed by Lorraine Marley, Scalp Therapy is a wholly Scottish company based in Clarkston, just 6 miles south of Glasgow city centre. Although established for less time than the options above, Lorraine produces great results for all her clients, so much so that she’s already been interviewed on TV when producers stumbled upon her work.

142 Busby Rd
G76 8BG

It is recommended that all clients call first to make an appointment for a consultation. All providers generally offer this initial consultation meeting as a free service, to enable the prospective customer to ask whatever questions they may have about how they want to look, the process itself or the aftercare implications. The technician’s job is to provide as much information as they can about the treatment, so ask as many questions as possible until you are able to make an informed choice. Many people get so caught up in the moment that they forget to ask questions they had in mind, leaving them with gaps in their knowledge and ill-equipped to decide how to move forward. Take your time, and do not be rushed.

Options may be limited to just two (soon to be three) providers right now, but they are among the best and I’m sure the available options will expand in the not-too-distant future.

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