SMP GER: Scalpture Scalp Micropigmentation

Diepholz, Germany

Scalp Micropigmentation was developed in 2002 and gives both men and women a new self-esteem. Thinning hair and even total hair loss can be very well concealed, and gives the impression that the recipient has chosen to shave their hair very short as a matter of preference.

We at SCALPTURE, are experts for a very finely developed technology that is only used and trained by us all over Germany. The technique is so fine that our results are flawless and virtually undetectable.

The longevity of scalp micropigmentation depends on a number of factors, but is usually 4 to 8 years if only bare areas are covered or a bald head was treated. Treatment sessions last 2-3 hours each and are repeated 3 times every 4 weeks for the best results.

T: 0176 219 177 30