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Vinci hair clinic
Berlin, Germany

Located in the very heart of this energetic German capital, Vinci Hair Clinic in Berlin are masters of all pioneering procedures in hair loss. Combining advanced and scientific knowledge with top-drawer medical practices, post-treatment, you’ll be guaranteed to join their list of satisfied clients.

All of Vinci Hair Clinics cover a vast range of hair loss treatments including FUE and FUT transplants along with the innovative Scalp Micropigmentation. Their technicians and medical professionals are recognized the world over as being highly experienced and they also provide empathy owing to the knowledge of the pain that hair loss can bring.

Accessible by both car or public transport from all of the German regions, it’s a convenient choice of Vinci clinic. For international patients, there are the added benefits of Schönefeld and Tegel airports close by. Vinci provides free and confidential consultations to discuss your hair loss goals and you can reach out to them through their website.

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