vinci hair clinic scalp micropigmentation marseille

Vinci hair clinic
Marseille, France

Known for their powerful reputation in hair restoration, Vinci Clinics are placed comfortably on the global hair loss map. Vinci first opened their doors as a surgical transplant clinic and after recognizing that Scalp Micropigmentation was soon to become the new and booming industry, their first ever treatment took place in 2009.

Using fully trained and highly skilled technicians along with exemplary knowledge and experience for transplants and SMP, Vinci is known for their guaranteed success rates. All equipment and techniques employed are innovative and advanced which result in an exceptional standard of service.

To find Vinci’s Marseille clinic couldn’t be easier. Located on Rue Roux de Brignoles in this vibrant coastal French city, transport links are plentiful. For International patients, there is a wide choice of airports including Marseilles, Toulon, Nimes and Nice.

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