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vinci hair clinic scalp micropigmentation paris

Vinci hair clinic
Paris, France

Vinci Hair Clinic in Paris couldn’t be better in terms of both hair restoration treatments and location. Beautifully situated, just minutes from the Arc de Triomphe in the 17th arrondissement, Vinci are the world leaders in both hair transplants and Scalp Micropigmentation.

All of Vinci’s Clinics provide not only FUE and FUT Transplants, but a full and comprehensive SMP service using only highly skilled and fully trained technicians. Coupled with their medical knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques their procedures are known for their guaranteed success rates.

To reach out to Vinci Hair Clinic is extremely simple. Their comprehensive website has a helpline alongside full lists of location contact information pages. At their Paris clinic, they welcome both national and international patients and transport links are easy to navigate and plentiful.

T: +33 (0) 640 784 230
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vinci hair clinic scalp micropigmentation marseille

Vinci hair clinic
Marseille, France

Known for their powerful reputation in hair restoration, Vinci Clinics are placed comfortably on the global hair loss map. Vinci first opened their doors as a surgical transplant clinic and after recognizing that Scalp Micropigmentation was soon to become the new and booming industry, their first ever treatment took place in 2009.

Using fully trained and highly skilled technicians along with exemplary knowledge and experience for transplants and SMP, Vinci is known for their guaranteed success rates. All equipment and techniques employed are innovative and advanced which result in an exceptional standard of service.

To find Vinci’s Marseille clinic couldn’t be easier. Located on Rue Roux de Brignoles in this vibrant coastal French city, transport links are plentiful. For International patients, there is a wide choice of airports including Marseilles, Toulon, Nimes and Nice.

T: +33 (0) 640 784 230
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France scalp micropigmentation reviews

Meet the founder of the hottest new scalp micropigmentation clinic in Paris

gael bonnel sanchez paris scalp micropigmentation artist

After receiving his scalp micropigmentation treatment in 2014, movie producer Gaël Bonnel Sanchez wanted to help others achieve the same boost in confidence he experienced after his own procedure.

This dream is now a reality with a flagship clinic now open in Paris, and a second location in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Going head to head with the three existing scalp micropigmentation clinics in Paris, Gaël is confident that his company can offer something refreshingly different and win customers, by majoring on service and value with strong celebrity connections to boot.

I caught up with Gaël between sessions to find out more about his journey so far, and what the future holds for his fledgling company.

As a movie and TV producer, why did you decide to enter this industry?

Before being a producer, I had a great sporting career and also worked as a model. One of my jobs was to be a scalp model for another scalp micropigmentation company. I discover that with that new hairline which frames the face, it was an amazing change but at the same time very natural. I look definitely younger! All of this make me realise that it was an amazing business and that will help people to recover their confidence.

Why did you choose a partnership with Scalp Aesthetics?

When I make a business, I search always the perfection. I am very selective, very demanding. It is one of my defaults… But it’s like this, football learn you competition, to be the best in all situations… So, yes there is a lot of companies which are very competitive and good looking. The natural choice could be to choose HIS Hair clinic, where i began to be a model. But I discover Scalp Aesthetics and it was like a revelation. All was perfect, exactly like i wanted! A prestigious company that I will be proud to develop.

We heard that you’re already treating celebrity clients?

Yes, it is true. Thanks to this company, all of my team are fully trained. I have the chance to get celebrities connection. Stefana (one of our best skilled technician) treat some of them and they are very glad of the result. It is a big changing for them, like it was for me.

Which celebrities have you treated so far?

Not I am sorry but I can’t. As this treatment is very undetectable and very natural, they don’t want to communicate on this. They let people thinking that it is their natural hair. I respect their choice, which I can understand. I let you to look TV and movies to discover famous which were bald and now with great hairline. It’s like a game…

Where are your clinics?

It is not a secret. The only secret is people we treat. I have two clinics : one in Paris and one in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.

Why did you choose to open two locations?

Like I said before, my goal is to treat a maximum of people suffering of this hairless problem. We know that some solution exists… But for me, to get a natural look, with density, only our SAMP (Scalp Aesthetics Micro Pigmentation) is THE solution. I want to make all french people discover this solution! Paris, is the fashion and glamorous capital in the world, so it was normal to open our clinic here. But France, is unfortunatly one of the most taxed country in Europe, and one of the most taxed in the world… So we work on the price to be competitive with the French concurrence, and we success in that point in our Paris clinic!

But for people who still doesn’t have the chance to pay this treatment, we offer the same quality, with 30% to 50% discount in Sofia. Moreover we pay them a very high level trip, which include planes, tickets, hotel, and Thalasso session in very high level and luxury complex. All of this for half of the price of French clinics treatment.

How is it possible to offer such a large discount?

It is just questions of taxes which allow us to put this price and get the same profit. So we are happy that both part, the client and our company, will success thanks to this new possibility.

I assume quality standards are maintained?

Yes, I live in Bulgaria because for my movie business, I work in straight relation with Nu Boyana studios (Expendables, 300 etc). So my head office will be there. And I come with a part of my movie production BSP Pictures and scalp team in Sofia. So trust me, being directly there, you can trust about the treatment quality. As my treatment is very old, i will make it as well directly in this Sofia clinic. I will put soon a video. But I want to reassure as well people which don’t want to move, Paris get as well a great part of our team, like Jean-Cedric Maspimby, one of my two great partners !

What does the future look like for you?

The answer is very simple : to produce TV program, movies, and thanks to this confidence put this Scalp Aesthetics Micro Pigmentation treatment, to focus on an actor career which was my first passion.

In your own movies?

Why not…

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