Fake scars and scalp micropigmentation

Having scars on your head is not something out of the ordinary and there are a lot of men out there who might have an accident when they were young, something that left behind a tiny mark. The same men who got this at that time want it once again when they get a scalp micropigmentation treatment and they are not alone. Quite a lot of our customers decide that a scar or more featured on the scalp would make the treatment look more authentic. The men who already had a scar ask us to preserve it while we perform the procedure, while those that don’t have any markings ask us to create a fake one.

While you get out of the childhood stage and advance as an adult, it is almost impossible to maintain a scar-free head. There are various moments in which this might happen and usually, injuries are the cause for a scalp scar. However, a surgical procedure and even certain medical conditions can leave behind scars. They heal over time and they are not painful so you adapt them to be part of your looks.

A scar on your scalp skin becomes visible when scar tissue is developed during the healing process. The tissue that grows back in the affected area does not have anymore follicles – this is why your scar, which is usually in the form of a line, features no more hair. In our society, having a scar on the scalp is not a taboo subject and, in fact, many even consider it a sign of masculinity.

If you know a bit more about scalp micropigmentation, you will consider the aforementioned sayings a bit of a paradox when it comes to scars – this is because there are quite a lot of people who decide to get a SMP treatment in order to actually hide a scar. However, when it comes to these scars, they are much worse than the usual ones which we are so fond of. Large scars that might be a result of an extensive surgical procedure are not that nice to show off. A hair transplant scar will go round the back of the head and it does not make up for a pleasant view. This is why such a scar is rather covered than preserved. However, a single scar or two of them in different areas of the head can actually make the things turn for the good.

When it comes to your scar, you can easily attribute a masculinity factor to it, even if you got it while you were a young child and fell of the bike or while you were trying to get away from someone and hit an object. On the other hand, you might be one of the few individuals who have an intact scalp, but you would like to get a fake scar while the scalp micropigmentation process is done. A great thing when it comes to these scars is that they cannot be differentiated from real ones. If you forget about getting them done, you might even end up asking yourself where did you get such a scar from.

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly popular treatment method that is quickly becoming the leading solution for those who suffer from hair loss. SMP can be used in various ways, to treat different problems and it also relies on your creativity and on that of your practitioner. Scars on the scalp can be easily hidden within the procedure, but they can also be outlined or new ones can be created, depending on your preferences.

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