Scalp Micropigmentation Fading: What To Expect

scalp micropigmentation fading

Scalp micropigmentation is at least a 2-3 session process, sometimes more. The ‘panic phase’ following the first session is extremely common and well documented. The initial thoughts of ‘Oh my God what have I done…’ are perfectly understandable, as it can take time to adjust to your new appearance.

In the days following each session, a lot is happening to your scalp. The most noticeable process is the fading of pigment, and this is perhaps the most common source of anxiety, so let’s clear this up.

Is it normal?

Yes, absolutely. Fading pigment ‘dots’ after a scalp micropigmentation session is a normal and expected part of the process. What is actually happening is a combination of two processes – healing and exfoliation.

As the scalp heals, thousands of tiny scabs form over the penetration sites. These scabs are much larger than the eventual dot size, causing many people to worry unnecessarily that their ‘hair’ will appear unnatural. This particular issue is covered in another post however, so I won’t digress here. As the scabs heal and fall off, they take a significant amount of pigment with them, leaving behind a smaller and lighter ‘dot’.

The natural exfoliation of your scalp expedites this process further.

What if your procedure has lightened too much?

Most people typically refer to this process as fading, but in actual fact fading is not responsible at this stage. All that is happening is that dark scabs are falling off the scalp, creating a lightening effect.

This can leave many people disappointed, usually because they liked the dramatic change they saw immediately after their procedure. However there is no need to worry. Scalp micropigmentation is a process completed over several sessions, and as more pigment is introduced and fades and the density increases, a skilled technician should be able to give you the appearance you’re aiming for.

Patience is key

The best advice I can offer is to be aware of the process. Know what to expect from your first session, and learn about expected fading. Understand that this is a multi-session procedure, and that a sufficient time gap must be allowed between each session.

A little knowledge, in this context at least, is a good thing. You’ll reduce any unnecessary anxiety and enjoy the experience a lot more if you know what to expect.

14 thoughts on “Scalp Micropigmentation Fading: What To Expect

  1. austin says:

    My microscalp pigmentation was done at vinci hair clinic. Top quality service. My procedure was booked for three sessions but I went back for a 4th and then a 5th with slightly darker pigments on last one. 4 month on and I’m really happy with my treatment. It’s life changer in terms of confidence and my personal looks. Someone the other day said why don’t you grow your hair, I told them and they was shocked. So yes it looks that real. Just remember you can always go back for a touch up so best to have lighter inks used over the sessions to see how they take and then add more/go darker if you wish. Don’t think about micro pigmentation just go get it done!!! Hope I help someone out

  2. Gohan says:

    I would have to travel several hundred miles to London if I wanted to get it done. Assuming I need 3 sessions and thinking about the duration of my stay in London and cost of accommodation, how many days would I need to be in London to complete all 3 sessions? How long is the gap between sessions?

    • Damien says:

      Hi there. Where are you based? I’m sure there will be other options to consider, as quality providers are easier to find than they once where.

      You’re looking at 11 days absolute minimum. The shortest gap between sessions should be 5 days, so you’d have sessions on days 1, 6 and 11.

      • gohan says:

        I am in Norwich and the nearest Vinci hair clinic is in London. I don’t know if there are other decent companies who are closer to me? Staying in London for a minimum of 11 days financially would be a real struggle for me.

        • Damien says:

          Norwich to London is a 2 hour train ride. I wouldn’t stay in London, just get the train each time you go in for a session.

          Unfortunately East Anglia has no scalp micropigmentation companies.

  3. gohan says:

    Yeah, but it’s still going to be expensive to go back and forth but I agree, cheaper than staying over. Is it acceptable to show the person/company who does the micropigmentation a mock-up Photoshop version of yourself showing how you want the hairline to be? I’ve seen some micropigmentation that I like and some just look odd.

    • Damien says:

      Of course you can, although it’s not really necessary. A good technician should spend a lot of time with you drawing out various hairlines until you’re both happy. This process usually takes around 10 minutes, but can take an hour or more.

      • Gohan says:

        Great, so if I decide to have this done, any recommendations on which company? Vinci sounds good. I just don’t want this turning blue over time! It needs to be done by professionals. Also, what guard on my Clippers should I use to shave the sides and back? 0.5? Guard 1?

        • Damien says:

          You’ve got some great options. Vinci, HIS Hair Clinic and Skalp all do great work in London. Hair Ink are also good, but they specialise in clients who have quite a lot of hair left.

          Zero guard or wet shave, sorry. Unless you still have an intact hairline and plan to keep your pigmentation behind it.

        • gohan says:

          I have no hairline at all, I am basically fully bald now by the age of 29. I can feel tiny hairs all over the front, top and crown area but I cannot see them. I currently shave my head on guard 0.5 but if I can have the appearance of a full head of hair, I would be happy to shave it with no guard. I would expect I would need to shave my head every couple of days to keep up the illusion?

          I would need a provider who is suitable to do the whole MPB area as I don’t have any visible hair left. It seems Vinci, HIS and Skalp are one of the 3 I would go to if I were to proceed. What would factor in now though is cost, if one of these providers does 3 treatments all within the same initial cost, this would be a bonus.

          What would really interest me is to see a high resolution close-up of micropigmentation on someones scalp and in the same photo, see how it blends into their real shaved hair. Can you help in this regard? I will search on Google too. I am going to download and read the Ultimate Guard ebook at some point as well. Thanks

          • Damien says:

            Yes, every couple of days should be fine. Personally I have switched from wet shaving to clippers, then back to the blade again. You’ll find what works best for you as time progresses.

            Those three providers are charge around the same price. There is some slight variation, but it would be unfair for me to speculate until they’ve had chance to do your quotation. All three can be competitive when they need to be. Just be honest about your intentions, and see what they offer you.

            The photo you’re looking for is hard to come by. It’s exactly the kind of photo that would get stolen and be used by competing companies. High resolution photos tend to be made available during your consultation, but not made available in the public domain.

            Vinci has a particularly good gallery. You should check it out:

  4. Sariah Meagle says:

    My uncle is slowly balding and he wanted to appear to have thicker hair for my sister’s wedding. It was explained here that scalp pigmentation increases the density. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professionals when considering scalp pigmentation.

  5. Kevin Riley says:

    I would love to do this but I am worried about fading. If they ever come up with ink that never fades, I’m there. 🙂

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