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Scalp micropigmentation price calculator launched by Replique Clinic

scalp micropigmentation price calculator

Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator: Live and Real Time SMP Estimates from the Replique Clinic.

Leading Australian Scalp Micropigmentation centre, the Replique Clinic, has developed a new online calculator for potential clients. Says Replique Clinic Founder Scott Hickman:

The calculator is a real breakthrough for people wanting a live and accurate estimate

Scott’s extensive background in Business Technology Development allowed him to work closely with a software developer to design a calculator specific to the Scalp Micropigmentation industry.

I wanted something that would take in a clients’ follicle colour, age and level of hair loss so it was quite a complicated formulae that we had to work with. One of the most important questions we’re asked is the cost, so this is a great tool to use prior to coming in for a consultation, to decide if SMP is the right choice for the client

scalp micropigmentation procedure underway
A scalp micropigmentation procedure underway at the Replique Clinic

The company is very careful to point out that the estimates are for services offered by Replique and not any other SMP provider.

Replique has grown amazingly fast, going from specialising in hair and follicle replication with Semi Permanent Human Hair Systems and Scalp Micropigmentation, to now being one of Australia’s premier Male Anti Ageing Clinics.

Replique gets many referrals from clients but it is also vital to have a strong online presence, not just for promoting your business, but also offering as many tools and tips as possible so clients are well educated and informed when talking to their Scalp Micropigmentation technician

The online Scalp Micropigmentation Price Calculator was a labour of love for Scott, it took many months and versions to become as interactive and accurate as it now it.

It also has a great back office function: every time it is used, the calculation equation is emailed directly to the clinic so they can have a better understanding of the age and level of hair loss that potential clients have, which will then affect Replique’s marketing strategies.

It’s exciting when guys bring their calculator answer in to their consultation, it really gives them so much power in decided what Scalp Micropigmentation option best suits their budget.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator is available at www.replique.com.au.

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