New York City, the world’s largest hub for scalp micropigmentation providers, has many of the very best clinics in the business at your disposal. From international brands to world reputed boutique specialists, prospective clients can choose from a range of internationally recognized NYC technicians and trainers.

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The best New York scalp micropigmentation clinics

Just recently a whole bunch of people have asked for advice about hair tattoo clinics in New York, and which one best suits their needs. Many of these questions were about clinics in NYC specifically, although quite a few were from New York State, but outside of New York City.

Rather than answer the same question multiple times, I’m writing this post as a point of reference for the benefit of all. If you’re looking for scalp micropigmentation in NYC, you’re in the right place.

The following clinics are offered in no particular order. These are the providers in New York that consistently deliver great results.

Skalp USA

The American arm of British provider Skalp, one of the world’s most respected scalp micropigmentation providers, Skalp USA is based in Manhattan and specializes in super-natural hairlines and flawless color matching.

T: 855-767-5257


Scalp Micro USA

Based in central Manhattan and staffed by sole technician Matthew Iulo, Scalp Micro USA is a boutique provider, yet ranks among the best in the world.

T: 516-680-2479


Jonathan Gerow

One of the world’s most talented and experienced scalp micropigmentation technicians, Jonathan Gerow produces amazing work time and time again.

T: 866-964-3769


Vinci Hair Clinic

One of the largest hair restoration companies, Vinci Hair Clinic has a location in Manhattan, offering both scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant surgery. The company has an excellent reputation worldwide.

T: 844-948-4624


HIS Hair Clinic

Originators of modern scalp pigmentation techniques, HIS Hair Clinic operate a single location on Broadway in Manhattan.

T: 855-447-4247