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The explosive growth of the scalp micropigmentation industry in Florida took everyone by surprise. A small handful of providers have been trading in the Sunshine State for many years, but over the last year or two in particular, the number of options available has multiplied.

Demand in Florida is strong, however it is crucially important to identify which scalp micropigmentation providers do genuinely good work, and which ones do not.

You see, Florida has a problem. A handful of companies exist that do bad work, and some even force clients to sign gagging orders prior to the commencement of treatment, to keep any bad experiences out of the public domain.

Sounds crazy I know, but unfortunately this practice has been going on for years in Florida, so prospective clients need to be extra vigilant.

Also be aware that some of the world’s best clinics operate in Florida. Make the right choice, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits a high quality scalp micropigmentation procedure has to offer.

When choosing a scalp micropigmentation provider in an area that poor quality clinics are known to operate, you should always be extra careful when making your decision. Information isn’t always reliable, and it can be difficult to know what to believe.