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Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In San Jose

The Bay Area has a selection of scalp micropigmentation clinics that do work of varying qualities. As ever, much of this comes down to where the technician was trained, how thorough that training was, and how well they’ve been supported.

Scalp Prodigy, Microhair Studio and Scalp Society are all located in San Jose, and perform genuinely world class treatments. All three companies have exceptional artists with great track records and strong reviews, and therefore we have no problem in recommending them.

Unfortunately there are SMP companies in San Jose offering services despite having received no training at all, or learned what they know through YouTube. This is bad news for customers, therefore stringent research is strongly recommended to ensure you do not fall prey to artists who simply haven’t made the required investment in their training, or in your safety.

We suggest all clients considering scalp micropigmentation, do so in full knowledge of the facts. Anything you’re not sure about, from the treatment process itself to aftercare requirements, scheduling of assessments and touch-up treatments, should be asked during the consultation process. A good artist will be there to answer your questions on an ongoing basis though.

Approved Clinics


Located in Milpitas to the North of San Jose, Scalp Prodigy provide some of the finest scalp micropigmentation services in the world. A thoroughly professional experience from start to finish, Scalp Prodigy offer outstanding results, an impressive depth of knowledge, and a kind and courteous service.

Choosing the right SMP artist is crucial for the best results and most satisfying experience, therefore your decision should not be taken lightly. Time and time again, we hear from Scalp Prodigy clients who are thrilled with the outcome achieved, and the way their journey was facilitated and handled by the Scalp Prodigy team. Thoroughly recommended.


Beyond SMP, Trinh is highly experienced in all areas of permanent cosmetics and it shows in her work. The results MicroHair Studio produce are outstanding but also remarkably consistent which inspires confidence in her clients when choosing her clinic for their procedure. Trinh believes strongly in the consultation process and spends whatever time is necessary to ensure all clients have their questions answered accurately and comprehensively. Treatment plans are created that are customized to their individual needs and desires, and procedure sessions commence only when both Trinh and her client are satisfied with the agreed approach.

995 Montague Ct #221B-3, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States


Customer satisfaction is top priority at Scalp Society. Against some strong competition, they remain one of the most recommended clinics in the United States, attracting clients from across the Bay Area and from further afield. Most of these recommendations are made by existing clients, which is perhaps the strongest testament to their success. Based in San Jose, their clinic is convenient to get to and easily accessible, where a private and comfortable environment awaits.

1590 Oakland Rd suite B105, San Jose, CA 95131, United States