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Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Portsmouth

The availability of scalp micropigmentation clinics on the south coast of England has grown significantly in recent years, and nowhere more so than Portsmouth. Serving local clients as well as those from neighbouring cities like Worthing, Brighton, Winchester, Salisbury, Southampton and Bournemouth, most SMP clinics in Portsmouth are busy and prospering.

However, there is a substantial difference in the quality of work delivered by the best and worst clinics in Portsmouth. Diligent research is required to ensure the best possible chance of an exceptional result. Whilst we are always open to reviewing additional clinics to add to our recommendations, our first choice in Portsmouth is Flawesome Cosmetics headed by Emma Nadin.

When considering which clinic to choose for your scalp micropigmentation procedure, there are a number of factors to take into account. Some clinics specialise in specific treatment types, so if you have alopecia or a scar to conceal, you might want to seek a clinic with experience in these areas. Many clinics have substantially more experience in treating female clients, or male clients. Again, the techniques are different so it’s worth finding an artist who offers experience that is relevant to your requirements.

Approved Clinics


Flawesome Cosmetics is headed by Emma Nadin, a highly trained and experienced micropigmentation artist specialising in SMP for men and women. A veteran of the permanent makeup industry, Emma has transferred her skills to scalp micropigmentation, serving clients in Portsmouth and far beyond. Exceptional scalp micropigmentation treatments require skill, artistic talent and a deep understanding of skin anatomy and how the pigmentation process works. The use of premium tools and consumables is also an important aspect here, and Emma as spared no expense by investing in the most advanced machines, needles and pigments available.

57 Carisbrooke Green, Portsmouth, PO13 0QY

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