Florida, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Orlando

There are some exceptional scalp micropigmentation clinics in the Sunshine State, however if you’re considering an SMP hair tattoo to hide your hair loss, we strongly advise caution. Unfortunately Florida is well known for rogue artists who practice untrained, unlicensed and uninsured, and Orlando is no exception. It is no coincidence that Florida has seen rapid adoption of removal training as ethical providers try to find solutions for those clients who fell into the wrong hands.

A quality clinic provides a quality professional environment, a thorough consultation process and a specific aftercare process and guarantee. The most reputable scalp micropigmentation clinics also offer the best results, which of course is why you are here.

We recommend all clients in the Orlando area to contact Discreet Cosmetic Studio on Piazza Grande Avenue, to the West of the city. Headed by Viviana Escobar-Burg, the clinic provides a range of SMP services for both men and women and has an excellent track record. 

Approved Clinics


Viviana was born in Colombia and has been in the United States since her teenage years. She attended high school in NYC and then moved to the sunshine state in 2001. Viviana’s passion for beauty is what drove her to choose a career in Permanent Make-Up. Our goal is to accommodate as many services in one trusted location as possible. Our studio is modern, very comfortable, and private.

6996 Piazza Grande Ave Suite 314, Orlando, FL 32835, United States