Minnesota, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Minneapolis

If you’re considering scalp micropigmentation as a remedy for your hair loss, Minneapolis, alongside the neighboring city of St Paul, is a great place to be. Whereas most men and women in the United States have to travel to find a great clinic, and to be fair some do still travel to Milwaukee or Chicago, the journey for all intents and purposes, is an unnecessary labor for those in Minnesota.

Any great scalp micropigmentation clinic combines three key attributes – talent, knowledge, and service. Many clinics offer extensive talent, but do not possess underlying knowledge of skin anatomy and pigmentology which causes them to come unstuck when a treatment does not progress as anticipated. Others have great knowledge, but lack artistic talent and flair and so do not produce results comparable with the best available. Still more clinics have talent and knowledge at their disposal, but their service sucks. Finding a clinic or artist that offers all three is essential to ensure you enjoy the very best outcome and overall treatment experience.

With this in mind, our primary recommendation in Minneapolis is Shapiro Medical Group. One of the world’s leading hair transplant clinics, the scalp micropigmentation division is led by Nicole Large, an exceptionally experienced and talented SMP artist with a bulletproof portfolio and solid reputation.

Approved Clinics


First established in 2008, Good Look Ink has grown to become one of America’s best known and most trusted scalp micropigmentation providers. Staffed by some of the world’s foremost experts in SMP, the company has been featured by local and national media outlets on many occasions and offers authority and vast experience in this specialist field. GLI facilities span some 6,000 square feet of cutting-edge technology and highly trained, personable staff. For you, that means a clean, comfortable environment that delivers an unforgettable experience with unsurpassed results. Contact Good Look Ink today and see what scalp micropigmentation can do for your look, and your confidence.

3209 W 76th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55435


Shapiro Medical Group is home to Dr. Ron Shapiro, his brother Dr. Paul Shapiro and Dr. David Josephitis. Shapiro Medical Group physicians have been invited to lecture and demonstrate advanced surgical techniques at conferences around the world since their inception.

5270 W. 84th St., Suite 500,  Minneapolis, MN 55437