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Our most trusted Miami scalp micropigmentation clinic provides first class SMP hair tattoo procedures for men and women, performed by one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable scalp micropigmentation artists in the business.

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Steven Greitzer has remained the most respected Miami scalp micropigmentation artist, and his work is revered and emulated across the United States. With his office in a central location in the heart of Miami, ‘Stevey G’ performs some of the most hyper-realistic SMP procedures in Florida, and has hundreds of soft and barber edge-up results in his portfolio.

World class SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is the most popular and fastest growing solution for hair loss, not only in Miami, but across the United States. Men in their thousands are shunning traditional balding remedies like hair transplant surgery and hair systems, in favor of the modern, stylish and hassle-free alternative.

This procedure is fast and safe, and provides 100% guaranteed instantaneous results. No matter your situation. If you’ve lost a little or a lot of hair, you too can have a youthful and completely natural look in just 3-4 short treatment sessions. Scalp micropigmentation truly is the preferred solution for men who want to deal with hair loss once and for all.

Based on a highly specialized tattoo technique (hence why scalp micropigmentation is sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo), the process involves the depositing of thousands of tiny micro-dots of SMP pigment into the upper dermis of the scalp. Each dot replicates an individual shaven hair, and when performed by a skilled artist, the result is an undetectable treatment that looks just like a real shaven head of hair.

Stevey G is a world class artist, revered and emulated by industry peers worldwide. Designer of the leading machine used in SMP, and with trainees from around the world attending his classes, you simply could not be in better hands during your scalp micropigmentation process.

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