Texas, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Houston

Some of the first scalp micropigmentation clinics to arrive in America were in the city of Houston, Texas. For this reason, Houston has a rich pedigree of exceptional SMP treatments, with some of the world’s best artists calling the city their home.

Our recommended clinics are Scalpp and Good Look Ink to the west of the city, and Scalp Micro USA, also to the west, on Westheimer Road.

Scalpp Clinic is headed by Ian Dennis, a veteran scalp micropigmentation artist and one of the best in the USA. Good Look Ink was one of the world’s first clinics, with locations nationwide. Scalp Micro USA is world renowned, with clinics in Austin, LA and NYC.

Whichever clinic you choose for your hair tattoo procedure, you are assured of a great experience with these proven artists.

Approved Clinics


The demand for scalp micropigmentation procedures has exploded in Texas, since the first SMP clinic was established in the city of Houston in 2012. Good Look Ink, a global leader in SMP, offer exceptional service and world class treatment outcomes from their office on Bering Drive to the west of the city.

SMP hair replication is an incredibly detailed procedure that takes many years of quality experience to master. Research is important to ensure you make the right choice when choosing your provider. It is your head, after all, and the quality of your result depends almost entirely on the skill and knowledge of your chosen technician.

Experienced clinics like Good Look Ink offer thousands of case studies, hundreds of reviews and years of hard-won experience, ensuring you achieve the best possible result from your treatment.

1811 Bering Drive, Houston, TX77057


Their Houston clinic is run by Graig Lauricella who was one of the original scalp micropigmentation practitioners in the USA. He is completely dedicated to helping people all over Houston and the Texas area and turns out industry-leading treatments as a matter of routine.

Completing well over 1000 successful SMP treatments every year, Scalp Micro USA is one of the world’s leading specialists in this innovative treatment for hair loss, scar camouflage and alopecia. Clients are in good hands and can rest assured their final result will be everything they hoped for.

Scalp Micro USA, Houston Texas, 5433 Westheimer Rd Suite 110, Houston, TX 77056


A highly experienced, internationally trained and recognized scalp micropigmentation specialist, Ian Dennis produces some of the best work you will ever see. Expect world class results and five star service from one of the leaders in the field.

Treating both men and women alike for a full range of disorders, ranging from Alopecia through to the most common, Pattern Baldness, Scalpps reputation is strong and stable. With the addition of an impressive Scalp Micropigmentation training facility, Ian Dennis and his team are teaching their SMP knowledge to new technicians from across the USA.

4101 Greenbriar Drive, Suite 240, Houston, TX 77098