North Carolina, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Hendersonville

Leading the charge in the growth of scalp micropigmentation in North Carolina has been Ray Diaz, a veteran SMP artist located in the town of Hendersonville. Perhaps not the most obvious place you’d expect to find a technician of his caliber, clients travel from across North Carolina and South Carolina to have their treatments in Hendersonville.

The town is somewhat isolated for those clients looking for alternatives. Obvious choices are the cities of Charlotte or even Atlanta, both of which are home to a broad range of clinics. Although we usually advocate thorough research and love to offer a wide selection of providers for research purposes, the truth is that there is nothing available elsewhere that cannot be obtained in Hendersonville. The quality of procedure really is that high.

Whilst we are always open to reviewing other clinics in Hendersonville, right now our #1 recommendation is Top Scalp Micro. If you’re considering scalp micropigmentation, you would be well advised to contact the company for an informal discussion and quotation.

Approved Clinics


Located in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC in Hendersonville and also in Roanoke, VA, Top Scalp Micro serves Western North Carolina, the upstate of Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas of Roanoke and Richmond, Virginia. Ray Diaz, RN is a Master Level 3 Certified SMP Practitioner and Trainer. He completed Masters Fundamental and Level 2 Advanced coursework at Scalp Micro USA in NYC . Ray is also a graduate of the Scalp Co. SMP Academy’s Advanced Practitioner Program. He brings to his practice a medical background as a Registered Nurse and Paramedic with many years of experience in Emergency, Critical Care, and Out-patient Surgery. Ray has completed over 1,500 SMP procedures and his years of hands-on experience provide outstanding client satisfaction and world class scalp micropigmentation results. Your restored confidence is Ray’s success!

101 E Allen St #209, Hendersonville, NC 28792