California, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Fresno

Until fairly recently, Fresno was a difficult place to find a quality scalp micropigmentation clinic. A few solo practitioners have set up shop here, but many of them received questionable training, or none at all. This is always a challenge for the SMP industry, because although remarkable results are achievable, it takes a high level of education, skill and focused dedication to become a highly skilled scalp micropigmentation artist. All clients want the best result, but this requires the right kind of artist.

In 2018, one of the leading SMP clinics in the United States, Scalp Co, opened a location in Fresno. From this point, things changed because the standard for SMP treatments in Fresno was raised overnight. At this moment in time, Scalp Co is the only Fresno clinic we are able to recommend, however as new clinics approach us for verification of their work, this may change.

We advise all clients in the city to talk to Scalp Co, and if possible, to visit their clinic and discuss their individual treatment needs face to face. If work and personal commitments make this difficult, consultations can be carried out by phone, or even via email as long as you have clear photos of your hair loss so your artist can correctly assess what you need.

Approved Clinics


Alongside the SMP treatment Scalp Co can offer you a comprehensive guide to immediate and long-term aftercare. Each of his clinics is fully equipped, contemporary and sleek and pledge the promise of a fully comfortable experience during treatment. In addition to Scalp Micropigmentation procedures, Scalp Co can also provide you with full training at their academy. With their growing list of locations, Scalp Co can provide training and SMP treatments to California patients on Figarden Drive in Fresno, which is conveniently placed for rail, road and air links, meaning your journey to resolving your hair loss really is at the end of your fingertips.

6364 N. Figarden Dr. Suite112, Fresno, CA 93722