Fort Worth
Texas, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Fort Worth

Nestled in North Central Texas, North of Houston and Austin, Fort Worth is a city with a thriving cosmetic surgery and hair transplant industry. Although it took a while for the first scalp micropigmentation clinics to open in Fort Worth, the city is now home to some great options.

Our #1 recommended clinic in Fort Worth is Inkrease SMP. Headed by Jose Nuñez, the work at Inkrease SMP is as good as anything you’ll find in Texas. Book a consultation and make your own decision of course, but we have no hesitation in recommending Jose to all clients in the DFW area.

A barber of more than 20 years, Jose has owned a total of four successful barbershops, and knows everything there is to know about hairline design and what constitutes a natural or edged look. Hairlines play such a huge role in the execution of a successful scalp micropigmentation procedure, so it’s no surprise that some of the world’s best SMP experts are former barbers.

Jose traveled to New York City to train with the very best educator in the business, and since then he’s been diligently building his portfolio with work that’s good enough to impress anyone.

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Native to Brooklyn, the melting pot of New York, Jose has worked on every length, shape, and type of hair imaginable. And it’s with this dexterous knowledge that he’s able to provide the scalp micropigmentation industry with an undeniable passion and unique skillset.

Inkrease SMP is located to the North of Fort Worth on Pate Orr Rd, not far from DFW International Airport,and serves both male and female clients from Fort Worth and Dallas with world class scalp micropigmentation procedures.

Every treatment is fully customized to the needs of each individual client, and 100% satisfaction with the end result is assured.

114 Pate Orr Rd. S, Suite #1, Keller, TX 76248