Texas, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Dallas

Historically, the first scalp micropigmentation clinics in Texas were located in Houston. Although there remain many strong options there, the fastest growth in the state is being seen in Dallas, where a multitude of new clinics have opened in recent years, providing DFW residents with much greater choice and more convenient options.

In common with many US cities that have seen similarly explosive growth, Dallas has its fair share of good and bad clinics. Scalp micropigmentation is an art-led skill, therefore it takes an artist to do great work, not just technical aptitude. The hair transplant industry in particular has adopted SMP with gusto, especially in Dallas, yet we are yet to be impressed by their work. As such, we always recommend a specialist SMP clinic for the best results.

Our recommended clinic’s are, SMP.Hair Clinic and Jackson SMP. Elsie SooSzetoJones of SMPHair Clinic is an exceptional artist with a great track record based on Highlander Avenue & Tyrone at Jackson SMP, a dedicated scalp micropigmentation specialist artist based on Preston Road to the North of the city.

Approved Clinics


With a deep passion for making people feel great about the skin they’re in, barber of 30 years, Tyrone L Jackson has now added the Scalp Micropigmentation string to his already talented bow. His bespoke and individual approach is his signature and treats every patient as a unique work of art.

Having received treatment himself owing to his own personal hair loss journey, Jackson has a rich understanding for the scalp and hair industry and is using this knowledge, coupled with his talent, to make others feel confident and proud. He’s trained with only the very best Scalp Micropigmentation technicians and is honoured to be able to pass this finely tuned knowledge on to his valued clients.

Located on Preston Road in Dallas, he’s a super easy find and is always happy to discuss requirements directly with his customers. For a free consultation, contact to make suitable arrangements.

14902 Preston Rd, Suite 506, Dallas, TX 75254


Known as The Queen of Scalp, one of the most talented scalp micropigmentation artists in California, Elsie SooSzetoJones recently partnered with Dr J. Johnson-VFS in Dallas, Texas, due to popular demand. Here she will be performing procedures for 1-2 weeks per month, by appointment only. Having received the very finest training available early in her career, Elsie’s work is admired by artists across the United States and many clients travel substantial distances to have their scalp micropigmentation procedures at SMPHair Clinic. 

We are very comfortable with Elsie’s level of talent, in fact, we have been watching her work for some time. Not only is Elsie able to produce some of the most natural looking results available, she does so consistently and is able to adapt her style based on the individual needs of her specific client, the mark of a true artist. To stamp her authority in the SMP world, Elsie has been awarded the top SMP Artist from the LA Tribune, in 2020.

700 Highlander Ave, Dr J. Johnson-VFS, Arlington, TX 76015