Illinois, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Chicago

The revolutionary hair loss camouflage service that is scalp micropigmentation has been available in Chicago since 2015. That said, the number of clinics to choose from in the city has exploded in recent years, providing clients with an unprecedented number of quality options.

With more options, comes even more reason to research. All clinics are not created equal, and the service available from one to the next can be vastly different. Above all else, you need to make sure the artist you choose has a proven track record, that the photos they display in their portfolio belong to them and represents their work, and that they will have your back if anything doesn’t quite go to plan. Bumps in the road are normal during the SMP process, but you need to know your artist is willing and able to pivot to provide the treatment outcome you really want.

Our current recommendations based on track records are Flawless Permanent Makeup By Elsa in Lake View, Hairline Co in Bridgeport and Hairline Ink in Winnetka.

Approved Clinics


Working predominantly from her Chicago clinic, founder of Flawless Permanent Makeup Elsa Milani has more than ten years of licensed cosmetology experience under her belt. Fully accredited and passionate about her work, her skills and talents have enabled her to travel the world and sets a prime standard by being recommended by the SPCP. You can book an appointment for a consultation or treatment directly via the website or alternatively, the Chicago clinic is easily accessible with viable air, road and rail links to be found.

2680 N Broadway St,Suite 19, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL, 60657


In his quest for perfection, Luis Guevara trained with some of the best Scalp Micropigmentation artists in the world. He then went on to gain a deeper understanding ofthe industry by following a training program for traditional tattooing and permanent makeup. With his eye for detail and his razor-sharp skills under his belt, his name is being firmly placed onto the SMP map. For a cost-effective solution to hair loss, you can contact Hairline Co in Luis’ clinic which is based at 1010 W. 35th St. in Chicago, Illinois. With it’s accessible rail and road links the practice is available and overjoyed to accept patients from far and wide.

1010 W. 35th St. #525, Chicago, IL 60609


There are many options available in the city, but not all technicians offer a high level of skill and experience. Michal has treated more clients than any other artist in Chicago, and is well placed to assist you whatever your requirements may be. Located on Green Bay Road in the Winnetka area of Chicago they are well placed and easy to get to. With strong links via public transport, rail and road and online chat services to answer any SMP questions it couldn’t be simpler.

894 Green Bay Rd #8, Winnetka, IL 60093