North Carolina, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Charlotte

Scalp micropigmentation has been available as a hair loss treatment service in the city of Charlotte for many years. Some excellent clinics are based in North Carolina, able to compete with any other provider in the United States.

The industry in Charlotte is ever-changing. Some providers have achieved great success off the back of excellent results and service, whilst others have languished behind. Unfortunately in the early days of SMP, several franchised clinics opened in Charlotte and their work just hasn’t made the cut. As the world of scalp micropigmentation has matured, the leading players have become clear, and these tend to be the ones that produce the best and most consistent results.

Whilst we are always open to reviewing the work of other providers, right now our main recommendation is to check out Scalp Carolinas. Headed by Enoch Glover, a veteran SMP artist with extensive experience and a great portfolio, Scalp Carolinas is not only responsible for some truly excellent results, the way the company conducts its business is also exemplary. For men and women seeking a long term solution to their hair loss, dealing with a company that genuinely has their best interests at heart is clearly an important factor when choosing a provider.

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My personal hair loss story starts seven years ago. When I first started looking into different solutions for hair loss, there were a lot of websites and information out there. I found it to be an overwhelming decision! I knew that I needed to make a choice for myself and my future. I’ve learned first-hand the importance of an effective hair loss solution for building one’s self-confidence. My entire life, I always had a fresh cut – I was a clean-cut person that would visit the barber once per week. When I started to lose my hair, my self-confidence took a big hit. By the time I was bald I started hiding behind hats. Scalp micropigmentation gave me back the confidence in myself I needed and allowed me take my hat off for good. It can do the same for you!

8501 Tower Point Dr Unit D6, Charlotte NC 28112


Using organic products and state-of-the-art technologies, Enoch Glover has been changing the lives of men and women for many years, and was one of the earliest adopters when this remarkable hair loss camouflage technique arrived in the United States back in 2012. Underpinning Enoch’s success is a fierce and unrelenting passion for results and exceptional client service. The best artists recognize that the scalp micropigmentation process is a journey for the client, and Enoch is no exception, ensuring that everyone who steps into his clinic has nothing less than the best possible treatment experience from start to finish.

224 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273