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Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Brighton

Excellent scalp micropigmentation services are available in Brighton, so there really is no need to brave the hustle, bustle and noise of London for a quality SMP treatment. Several trips to the clinic are often required, not just for your procedure but for your initial consultation, any assessment visits and ongoing top-ups too. For this reason, it’s a lot more convenient to find somewhere local that can cater for your needs, provided the quality of practitioner is available in the area.

This is an extremely popular option in Brighton. Being a bit of a party city, people in Brighton are particularly keen to look and feel their best. Although the range of SMP clinics is small, those based in the city tend to be very busy, so booking ahead is advisable.

We recommend Velvet Pigmentation Clinic. Not only do their technicians have exceptional track records, they’re also one of the few clinics in the UK that can offer both permanent SMP and temporary tricopigmentation all under one roof. This enables clients to choose which procedure is right for them, and best fits their lifestyle and desired treatment outcome.

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Using only natural and vegan friendly products, our clinic produces realistic and natural looking hairlines and scalps. The clinic only uses the best equipment and pigments, ensuring that our work is of the highest standard. The Scalp Centre pride ourselves in providing detailed consultations, first class client care and fantastic scalp micropigmentation results. We tailor our treatment to each individual client as no two are the same and nor are their scalps.

2B Brooks Close, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 9EB

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The company is one of a small number of providers worldwide to offer both temporary tricopigmentation and permanent scalp micropigmentation procedures, receiving first class training in both disciplines. Having the ability to select either a long term or shorter duration option, enables clients to make better and more informed choices that are fully tailored to their own personal desires and requirements. Both procedures have their merits, and which is best for each individual client is a personal matter that requires some thought and access to fair and balanced information.

Clinic33, 39b Salisbury Rd, Brighton, East Sussex, BN3 3AA

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