Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Belgrade

Srdjan Kostovski heads Micro Hair Clinic in Belgrade, one of the finest scalp micropigmentation clinics in Europe.

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Providing Scalp Micropigmentation treatments for a variety of alopecias and scar concealments, Micro Hair Clinic is one of Serbia’s leading clinics. Located in the middle of Belgrade, just a short stroll from the infamous Danube River, the clinic is discreetly situated and rich in cultural surroundings.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an innovative and groundbreaking treatment offering guaranteed results at a fraction of the cost of invasive and surgical procedures. Micro Hair Clinic is a reputable and professional outfit using advanced technologies and their technicians are highly skilled and trained to be able to offer a guaranteed result.

You can find Micro Hair Clinic in Belgrade at Đevđelijska 27, Beograd 11120 in Serbia and for out of town visitors, the airport is just a short distance away. For a free consultation, you can connect to Micro Hair via their website or Instagram.

Đevđelijska 27, Beograd 11120, Serbia