Georgia, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Atlanta

Scalp micropigmentation clinics have existed in the Atlanta area for a long time. In fact, some of the first American SMP artists are from the city, so there is a well established contingent of hair tattoo services available for both male and female clients considering scalp micropigmentation to remedy their hair loss.

We recommend Sergiy Bovbalan and Milla Rosen of Scalp Masters Of Atlanta, and Corey Curtis of New Level Aesthetics. Sergiy and Milla are based at Mercer University Drive in Embry Hills in the North of the city. Corey Curtis is in Buford, a few miles further to the North West of Atlanta. Damian of New Man SMP based in Stonecrest town.

All 4 Clinics are highly recommended and have good track records. If you have chosen scalp micropigmentation as the ideal hair loss solution for your circumstances but want nothing but the best results, these artists make a great choice.

Approved Clinics


Hair Pigment Centre prides themselves on changing the lives of hundreds of men and women worldwide, making them feel confident again by conquering their hair loss. They have worked on numerous high profile clients from athletes, music artists, authors, tv media and models. Many clients fly in specifically to be treated at Hair Pigment Centre. The treatment is affordable and offers some of the best SMP results, as one of Georgia Atlanta’s leading clinics.

Contact Hair Pigment Centre today and see what scalp micropigmentation can do for your look and your confidence.


My personal hair loss story starts seven years ago. When I first started looking into different solutions for hair loss, there were a lot of websites and information out there. I found it to be an overwhelming decision! I knew that I needed to make a choice for myself and my future. I’ve learned first-hand the importance of an effective hair loss solution for building one’s self-confidence. My entire life, I always had a fresh cut – I was a clean-cut person that would visit the barber once per week. When I started to lose my hair, my self-confidence took a big hit. By the time I was bald I started hiding behind hats. Scalp micropigmentation gave me back the confidence in myself I needed and allowed me take my hat off for good. It can do the same for you!

1400 Buford Highway, Buford GA 30518


They pride themselves on using SMP as a solution for a myriad of hair loss reasons. Treating alopecia sufferers to burns victims, covering surgical scarring to the most common pattern balding, their approach is humane and empathic. This enables them to connect with their clients on a deeper level. With an impressive list of 5-star reviews and a discreetly located clinic, you’ll be able to reach out to Scalp Masters of Atlanta on the outskirts of this beautiful American City. Train, rail and road links are available and you’ll find them at Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell.

3060 Mercer University Dr #310A, Atlanta, GA 30341, United States

New Man SMP

Damian’s journey from a master barber to a leading SMP artist began in 1991 in Jacksonville, Florida. At 14 years old, he and a friend each saved $10 and split the cost of his first set of clippers. As he serviced neighborhood clients, family members, and classmates, he developed a God-given talent and eventually enrolled in barber school to pursue his craft professionally. After 24 years of attention to detail, patience, focus, and commitment to client satisfaction, SMP (scalp micropigmentation) became his best long-term solution for men suffering the confidence-draining effects of hair loss. New Man SMP was established upon the same time-tested principles that have led to countless lives changed since 1991.