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Scalp micropigmentation lands in Liverpool

liverpool scalp micropigmentation clinic

As far as cosmetic procedures go, Liverpool is usually somewhere near the front of the queue when it comes to specialist clinics. Anything you want, from Botox to boob jobs, you can find a world class technician somewhere in Merseyside.

Scalp micropigmentation however, has taken a little longer than expected to catch on. This is all about to change however, with the arrival of Liverpool’s first scalp micropigmentation clinic.

According to early reports, a highly experienced technician is about to open on Victoria Street, right in the heart of the city centre.

Who is the technician in Liverpool?

Terence Jones set up his company, Skalptec, on the island of Jersey several years ago now. Wishing to expand his horizons and recognising that the business could only go so far in such a restrictive location, Terence returned to his Merseyside roots and moved back to the city to re-establish the company there.

An exceptionally experienced technician with several hundred clients to his name, Terence Jones is sought by clients across the North West of England and far beyond, attracting clients from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia. Terence creates some of the most natural hairlines and blending in the world.The rapid expansion of his company is testament to Terry’s reputation. Skalptec now operates six clinics including locations in Aberdeen, London, Newcastle and Rotterdam, in addition to his flagship Liverpool clinic and the recent re-establishment of his original clinic in Jersey.No amount of training or theory can replace hard-won experience. Terence has handled just about every scenario you could imagine, from minor hairline recession to total baldness, full blown alopecia, deep scarring and burns. Delivering world class results in challenging circumstances is the mark a true professional, and Terence passes this test with flying colours.Every technician has areas of particular expertise. Terence specialises in natural hairlines, impeccable blending for flawless transitions, and is also highly skilled at adapting scalp micropigmentation techniques to suit female as well as male clients.

Central location

For local clients, Skalptec in Liverpool couldn’t be more conveniently located. Based on Victoria Street in the centre of the city, the office is surrounded by on-street parking and is within easy reach of Liverpool Central, Lime Street, Moorfields and James Street train stations.

The clinic is also located close to the Birkenhead tunnel and the M53, enabling easy access for clients from the Wirral, Ellesmere Port, Chester and North Wales. For international clients, Liverpool John Lennon Airport is also easily accessible.

What are the alternatives?

Skalptec is the only permanent scalp micropigmentation clinic in Liverpool. Those seeking tricopigmentation should seek out Jane Hargreaves. For clients willing to travel, a handful of scalp micropigmentation clinics exist in Manchester including Vinci Hair Clinic, HIS Hair Clinic and Skalp Clinic.

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