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The story of Joe Taylor, the worlds most experienced scalp micropigmentation trainer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 2010, a young apprentice by the name of Robert Joseph Anzalone applied for, and secured, employment at a Floridian outfit called Artistry Concepts. The first American company of its kind, owner Mark Weston had just introduced a procedure he called ‘ACHM’ to the US market. Mark’s version of a process pioneered in the UK, ACHM was the first form of scalp micropigmentation offered to the American public, and was the most exciting prospect for hair loss sufferers since the advent of FUE.

After learning what was, at the time, a fairly underdeveloped process, Robert started experimenting with his own techniques and trained a handful of others to do the same, most notably a well known practitioner named Jonathan Gerow. As a result, Robert Anzalone was almost certainly the second scalp micropigmentation trainer in the United States, after his own trainer Mark Weston.

During his time at Artistry Concepts, Robert Anzalone started to build a solid reputation as a consistent and dependable technician, a reputation that did not go unnoticed. Two new providers, Good Look Ink and HIS Hair Clinic, entered the US market, but it was a chance meeting with Bryce Cleveland that ultimately changed the path of Robert’s early career.

Robert met Bryce through Jonathan Gerow as both Jon and Bryce are from the same city of Rochester, and Jon helped to set up Robert with some prospective investors. Unable to strike a deal, Robert met up with Bryce to discuss the idea of setting up a large-scale scalp micropigmentation business, and Scalp Aesthetics was officially formed.

Mark Weston attempted to sue Robert for breach of a non-compete agreement. Robert Anzalone became known as ‘Joe Taylor’, in a bid to break away from Artistry Concepts.

Joe travelled across America training Scalp Aesthetics ‘core’ partners. Many of their most successful technicians were trained by Joe including Brian Santora, Pam Neighbors, Caitlin James, Renata Pruszewski, Daniel Yerenburg, Seif Sidky, David Hoffer and Fernando Cortes.

As well as filling the role of Scalp Aesthetics Head Trainer, Joe also worked as a scalp micropigmentation technician for Scalp Aesthetics in Scottsdale AZ. When Scalp Aesthetics started licensing its brand further afield and grew its network to over 100 locations, Joe trained many of these new technicians, both online and face to face.

By 2016, Joe had decided it was time to move on. He wasn’t comfortable with the heavy focus on online training at Scalp Aesthetics, and needed a change. Joe relocated to Huntington Beach CA and launched Scalplogic, his own boutique clinic providing treatments and training to clients across Southern California.[/vc_column_text][vc_images_carousel images=”15941,15942,15944,15943,15945,15946,15947″ img_size=”full” slides_per_view=”3″ autoplay=”yes” wrap=”yes”][vc_column_text]As many may have seen recently, Joe partnered with Eddie Lopez to launch Scalp Artist International. Joe and Eddie’s visions were ultimately different and the partnership didn’t work out, so Joe returned to Scalplogic where he is now diligently building his business and getting back to what he loves – providing world class treatments and training experiences.

Scalplogic now operates from two locations – Joe’s original office in Huntington Beach, and a second location on Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles.

More experience than any other trainer

Having trained large numbers of new technicians throughout his 7 year scalp micropigmentation career, Joe Taylor is almost certainly the world’s most experienced educator in our field. Combining his training experience at Artistry Concepts, Scalp Aesthetics, Scalp Artist International and at Scalplogic, Joe estimates he has trained more than 200 practitioners to deliver scalp micropigmentation procedures.

Despite his obvious passion for education, Joe loves nothing more than performing treatments on his own clients. Sometimes referred to as a ‘mad scientist’, Joe has used every machine, every needle configuration and every pigment available. He understands not only what result to expect with any given setup, but most importantly, why that result is achieved. His thorough knowledge of the process is almost unrivalled, shared only by a select few at the very top of their game.

I have known Joe for some time, and I am confident the reason why he’s such a great technician is due not only to his technical capability, but also his patience, compassion and understanding. People are simply at ease with Joe, knowing they’re in safe hands but also in the care of someone who genuinely has their best interests at heart.

Contact Joe Taylor

714 Adams Avenue
Huntington Beach
CA 92648

12340 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90025

T: (949) 229-2919
E: info@scalplogic.com
W: www.scalplogic.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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