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Brisbane scalp micropigmentation clinic creates hairlines that turn back time

Scalp micropigmentation Brisbane

This is a press release published on behalf of The Replique Clinic in Brisbane, Australia.

The Replique Clinic is a Brisbane based company specialising in giving guys their look, and self confidence back through advanced hair replication, including a new scalp micropigmentation service.

Managing Director, Scott Hickman:

I was only 17 when I started to lose my hair, and it was a deeply troubling thing for a teenager to go through, so I’ve always been mindful of how hair loss can negatively affect all men suffering from it.

For many years Scott has been helping clients overcome hair loss through “invisible skin” undetectable hair pieces and has now expanded the business into also providing scalp micropigmention.

I had SMP done to just cover the small bald spots that had appeared from years of using clipped in hair pieces, but when I saw how well it blended with my own follicles I decided to get my entire scalp done. It was amazing to look in the mirror and see a hairline created by thousands of tiny follicle replications.

Inside Replique Clinic
Replique Clinic clients enjoy a comfortable and welcoming, yet highly professional environment, the perfect setting for high quality scalp micropigmentation procedures.

The quality of the procedure led Scott to undergo training and offer the new treatment to his existing clients as well as to a wider market.

I’m very fortunate because I had my own SMP done by one of the best practitioners in Australia, and was then trained by one of the other leaders in the country. When you combine these factors with my attention to detail as a commercial graphic artist, and my expertise in replicating men’s hairlines through undetectable hairpieces, it really puts me in a solid position as a provider.

Scott’s objective is establishing the Replique Clinic was to create an establishment where true hair replication occurred. “Our hairpieces adhere seamlessly to the scalp, even hairdressers don’t know they’re working on a hairpiece until I inform them. I wanted that same undetectable replication with SMP. The key to all of the hair loss solutions we provide, is that they are true replications of the clients’ hair, whether through a hairpiece or SMP, they’re replications, that’s why I called the clinic Replique”.

Replique clinic results
We have high hopes for any company that can consistently turn out results like these.

Part of the brand is in building confidence and making the client feel special.

We offer a life changing experience here – we’re giving men back the appearance of their hair and turning back time, so we wanted an upmarket locations and James Street, Fortitude Valley gives just that. We’re surrounded by high end boutiques, cafes and luxury car dealerships, it’s a funky precinct and it adds to the clients’ experience. I love being a part of a vibrant and expanding industry and being able to create such an aesthetic change in someone’s appearance, but ultimately the biggest reward for me is the clients’ reaction when he first sees the results. I’ll never forget my first client, as he was leaving the clinic, he yelled I’VE GOT HAIR!!!!!.

How to contact The Replique Clinic

The Replique Clinic have a dedicated scalp micropigmentation website, called smpbrisbane.com, along with their main site replique.com.au. Managing Director Scott Hickman can be contacted on 0498 988 131 or by email at enquiries@replique.com.au.

The Replique Clinic
Suite C, Shop 29
25 James Street
Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006

T: (+61) 0498 988 131
E: enquiries@replique.com.au
W: www.smpbrisbane.com

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