Nicky Law has scalp micropigmentation at Vinci Hair Clinic

Nicky Law, a football player formerly of Glasgow Rangers, Exeter City and Bradford City, has had a scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Following speculation in various hair loss forums and fan sites, the news that Nicky is the latest celebrity to have a scalp micropigmentation procedure was confirmed on Twitter by Vinci Hair Clinic, the company that carried out the treatment.

Vinci Hair Clinic also shared the news on Facebook:

Vinci Hair Clinic said: Nicky Law, ex-Rangers player now relocated to Bradford City, came to Vinci Hair Clinic with advanced male pattern baldness looking for a solution. His result is outstanding, it shows how highly effective Micro Scalp Pigmentation is.

We think his treatment looks great, taking years off his appearance and suiting his facial features really well. You can see his new look very clearly in this interview:

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