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Vancouver Scalp
vancouver, British columbia

Dedicated Scalp Artists, Billy DeCola & Rob James bring worldwide knowledge and experience to this Vancouver Scalp Micropigmentation clinic. Billy is nothing short of a superstar on the SMP scene and was one of the first to administer treatments in Japan, Canada and the US. Practicing alongside his native English team player Rob who has an intensely keen eye for aesthetic perfection they make a formidable duo.

Providing SMP treatments for an array of disorders, including thinning, complete hair loss and scar concealment, you can also train with one of the worlds finest technicians at Vancouver Scalp. Their training packages result in full certification and classes are a maximum of four at any given time.

Vancouver Scalp is a private clinic that operates on an appointment only basis. To reach out to Billy DeCola or Rob James, you’ll find all contact information on their website along with a list of workshop training dates. You’ll can connect with the clinic on Smith Avenue, Burnaby & their location is well served by all public transport networks.

T: 604-430-4990