SMP CAN: Scalp Elite (Quebec City)

Scalp Elite
Quebec City, Quebec

Scalp Elite © is a Clinique network across Quebec that specializes in Capillary Micropigmentation . Only the EXCLUSIVE Scalp Elite © technique is proven to give REAL RESULTS.

Although the name of the company has existed since early 2017, it is important to know that Capillary Micropigmentation was introduced in the field of aesthetics by Permanent Makeup Johanne Bérubé, which has been working in the field of dermopigmentation for 35 years.

We have been trained by the world’s leading experts. First by Hugues Pastoret from Belgium , we then perfected our technique in Florida with Fernando Cortes . Since Maxime Ouimet Founding President of Scalp Elite © is nominated in 2018 as best international artist by Team Micro in England.

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